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Help 27-Year-Old Sourav Undergo Kidney Transplant


It has been a never-ending struggle for Sourav and his family for the last fourteen years. A struggle that has only gotten worse since that fateful October evening in 2015 when Sourav detected blood in his urine for the very first time. From that moment onwards, his battle with kidney problems has turned his daily life into a nightmare with no end in sight. The only option left is to undergo a complete kidney transplant, which he will never be able to afford without your support and generosity.


In 2003, when Sourav was a sprightly kid studying in class eight, he was detected with nephrotic syndrome i.e. protein loss through urine. He was put on heavy medication and was asked to maintain a low salt diet and avoid animal proteins. Although there were no major physiological implications of his condition, he used to feel lethargic and breathlessness quite often. Slowly, he started experiencing weight loss and his physical growth was stunted.


Somehow, he managed to support his medication with his own salary and his retired father’s meagre savings. However, things started getting out of hand from October 2015 when his creatinine levels shot up to 3.5. The doctors suggested ever stronger medication but he got the feeling that time was running out. The last two years, Sourav and his family, have been waging a battle – physically, emotionally and financially. His blood creatinine level now stands at 11, precipitously close to causing immediate kidney failure. The writing is on the wall. He has to start dialysis immediately and undergo full kidney transplant at the earliest. That is his only way out.


Thankfully, his mother is a perfect match and a donor is available. However, it will remain a pipedream for Sourav if he is not able to arrange for the nine lakhs required for the transplant. His family’s resources are exhausted. There is no way they can pay for it themselves. Even after contributions from friends and relatives and tapping other charitable public resources, we are way short of the target. With each passing day, the sense of desperation and helplessness is becoming more and more acute. We have started fearing the worst. But we are not willing to give up!


Support Sourav in his fight against kidney failure and gift him a new life. Your contribution will make a huge difference to his cause. Please transfer whatever amount you wish to contribute to the following account. 

Sourav's latest doctor consultation
Sourav's latest doctor consultation
Sourav's latest doctor prescription
Sourav's latest doctor prescription
Sourav's latest blood report showing high creatinine levels
Sourav's latest blood report showing high creatinine levels
Sourav's prescription with kidney transplant advised
Sourav's prescription with kidney transplant advised
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4th January 2018
Sourav has been able to find a donor and he has cleared the first round of tests. The doctors will now interview him before conducting the final round of examinations to given the go-ahead for accepting him as the donor.

The final verdict is expected to come out by the end of this month after which we will start proceedings for the transplant to take place. Obviously, the costs will be much higher now given that an external donor is involved.

Sourav is undergoing weekly dialysis and it is only being made possible due to the money we raised through Milaap.

Withdrawing 2 lakhs to initiate the tests required to work him up for dialysis and also there is a major expense as we are looking for a prospective donor for the transplant.

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