#BeBoldForChange. Help this senior citizen feed 550+ stray dogs daily

Sulakshmi Das Gupta, is a 64-year-old resident of Delhi. What separates her from the others is she is a mother to 550+ dogs straying in numerous streets of Delhi. She feeds them, gets them medical attention, nourishes them and ensures that none of them dies of starvation.

What started as a routine of feeding 10-15 dogs, 15 years ago has now turned into an organisation known Swargasaathi Charitable Trust. Swargasaathi is a team 8 people who ensure the well-being of more than 550+ dogs in Delhi through their flagship initiative 'Feedstrays'. 

The FeedStrays Programme, covers roughly about 30km radius and feeds more than 550 dogs daily.

The FeedStrays Programme not only feeds, but provides medical attention and care on an average to almost 20 dogs daily, along with vaccinations as well as finding new homes for new born.

All these efforts translate to 18 hours of hard labour daily, including cooking of 350 kg of freshly cooked rice and meat every day, 365 days a year.

The other activities include:
·       Medical Aid to Stray Dogs
·       Neutering
·       X-Rays, Operation, Post-Operative Care
·       Homes for Injured
·       Homes for New-Born
·       Regular vaccination of Anti-Rabies and Distemper

An normal day for Swargasaathi Team:

7:00am – 10 am: Constant work in the kitchen for the food

6:30am - 9:30 am: Serving food to the strays around our locality [Batch 1]

11:00am – 6:00 pm: Serving food to the strays around South Delhi [Batch 2]

8:00pm – 3:00 am: Constant work in the kitchen for the food

How can you help?
The Swargasaathi Team needs funds to manage the expenses for at least the next four months. The monthly expenses for the team are close to Rs 2.5 lakhs.

Below is a breakdown of the total cost that will be incurred by the team in next 4 months.

4.5 lakhs: For food items like rice, meat, vegetables, milk, biscuits, eggs for the weak and the new born puppies.

1 lakh: For cooking gas (for the 10-12 hours of cooking every day), paper plates to serve 550+ strays, washing and cleaning.

75,000: Fuel for 2 cars (one for feeding at appx. 70-75 different spots, and the other for picking the strays for neutering, first-aid, hospitalisation etc.)

2.5 lakhs: For salary for 5 (helper for cooking, one driver, two attendants for distribution of food and another to attend the strays and one maid to wash pots and pans used to cook for 550+ strays).

1.25 lakhs: For operations for neutering for birth control, general medicines for fever and other general health issues, injections, antibiotics, x-rays, plastering, amputation, skin problems.

The total cost comes to Rs 1,000,000 for 4 months.

Every little contribution will help the team continue the brilliant work they do.

You can also do a bank transfer to the below mentioned account setup for this fundraising campaign:
  • Account number: 8080808010104782
  • Account name: Swargasaathi Charitable Trust

Ask for an update
15th September 2016
Dear Supporters,

I am Sudhakar, a Milaap Open fellow in Bengaluru. I spoke with the champion Pinaki Dasgupta, Sulakshmi’s husband on 13th September.

The funds raised on Milaap so far has catered to the expenses of Swargasaathi Charitable Trust for more than 20 days. The couple, however, has been struggling to keep the efforts going due to lack of funds. 

Pinaki has been knocking at the door of various companies to solicit funds that they need to spend towards CSR activities, but to no avail. The couple is now contemplating whether to sell more of their assets to keep the efforts going. 

Pinaki said, “Many people in our society are still apathetic towards the condition of stray dogs in our country. Rather than ignore them, we need to raise awareness about the attention the pooches require.” Their son is a filmmaker and is now trying to produce a film about the condition of stray dogs across urban centers in our country to divert people’s attention towards their needs. 

Pinaki said, “When we are distributing food and more dogs join in than anticipated, we cannot turn them away. The expenses are continuously increasing. We are very thankful to the contributors on Milaap who have supported us.”

We are still a far way off from the campaign target of Rs 10 lakhs. I request all the donors to share the campaign in your network of family and friends so that we are able to reach the target as soon as possible. 
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I wish my donation to go to the person who feeds these strays on a daily basis.