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Young Father Who Underwent An Emergency Heart Transplant, Seeks Help.

30-Year-Old Needed An Emergency Heart Transplant

30-year-old Faizal from Mangalore was brought to the hospital in January this year. He was diagnosed witth a complex heart condition called Cyanotic Heart disease and was in a highly risky condition that caused clotting in his blood.  Doctors knew that a heart transplant is what is required to save Faizal but he needs a heart for the transplant. Now, after 4 months since the diagnosis, doctor have identified a donor heart.

Faizal was admitted to Manipal hospital, Bangalore on Friday morning. The pre-operative investigations started immediately. The transplant costs 15 lakhs. The family is in desperate need for help as this came as a sudden news and they have managed to collect only Rs. 5 lakhs. Faizal has two little children aged, 3 years and 6 months. He was working as a driver but had to leave his job 2 years back due to his poor health condition. Now the family of 9 members is support by Faizal's younger brother who is a driver.

Brain-Dead Patient's Heart Was Transported For Faizal's Transplant

Fortunately, Faizal received a donor heart from Apollo hospital, Bangalore, and he underwent the transplant immediately. The family had registered for donor heart when they knew that Faizal needs a heart transplant. All major hospital were alerted and it was on Thursday that Manipal hospital got a call that there is a family of a brain dead patient is ready to donate his heart. Procedures were begun immediately. An ambulance along with a surgeon rushed to Apollo hospital when the heart was ready to be transported.

How You Can Help

While everyone  is waiting with fingers crossed to save this young father, what is troubling the family is the fact that they have no money left to pay for his transplant or admission to the hospital post that. According to the doctors, Faizal has high chances of recovery post this emergency operation. Once the transplant is complete, he will need to stay in the hospital for over a month to recover. Faizal's wife and two children are waiting in the hospital, helpless and anxious. Their only hope is the generosity of people. Funds raised will help Faizal's treatment and admission in the hospital until his recovery. Your support in this crucial moment will give back a father to two young children.

Ask for an update
13th January 2017
Dear supporters,

Here is an update on Faizal’s health.

We would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to all of you for your support and prayers. With your help he underwent a heart transplant successfully 8 months back.

He visited Manipal Hospital, Bangalore on 10th January 2017 for a health check up. Most of his reports were normal except his sugar level. The doctor has advised to inject insulin thrice per day so as to control his blood sugar. He needs to be on medication for another 3 months. Apart from this, regular exercise is a mandatory for him.

Thank you once again. We will keep you posted on his progress.

Thank you.
2nd September 2016
Dear Supporters,

I am Sudhakar, a Milaap Open Fellow in Bangalore. I spoke to Feroze, Faizal’s brother, on 29th August. 

Faizal underwent a series of tests last week and the results were collected on 27th August. The blood sugar level was slightly on the higher side. All the other tests showed normal results. 

Faizal and his family hail from Kundapur in Udupi district. The doctor has advised that the routine tests and rest of the treatment can be carried out at Manipal Hospital, Udupi. He will be on medication for another 6 months. Feroze said they will be moving from Bengaluru to Kundapur anytime soon. 
Faizal has been advised to walk 10 kilometres daily so that his heart continues to remain healthy. He has also been advised to only eat healthy cooked meal  and avoid raw food. He has been asked to not take up the job of a driver again. Feroze said that he and Faizal will start looking for jobs, which will not involve a lot of stress. 

Feroze asked me to convey the following message to all contributors : “All of you have saved a life because of your contributions. Thanks to each and every one of you and the team at Milaap.”
14th July 2016
Dear all,

We have an update on Faizal's treatment.

Faizal's heart transplant was completed successfully and his making good progress. He is discharged from the hospital and is back with his family. He received a donor heart from a brain-dead patient and this was transported to Manipal Hospital within few hours after completing the procedures. The family was in a critical situation,not knowing how to arrange for funds in such a short notice. But with generous contributions from supporters like you, his transplant was carried out as planned.

Along with the funds raised through the campaign, he also received a concession from the hospital and the family managed to arrange some funds from all sources they could.

Faizal is now recovering well, thanks to your support. We will keep you posted with more updates in the future.

Team Milaap.
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