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Every year around 1 million children die in India due to hunger and malnourishment. I tried, but just couldn’t begin to imagine how it must feel as a parent to not being able to provide a single meal to my child for days, to see them wither away and die simply because they just could not get any food.

In 2013 alone, 31 million years of healthy life were lost to mental illness in India, with only 1 out of 10 getting any treatment at all and it gets worse with only 0.3 psychiatrist per 100,000 patients. Again, how it must feel to see my child suffering from mental illness and not being able to take her for any kind of treatment, just not being able to provide the care she needs or any kind of schooling, or even be able to understand her.

Thank heavens there are kind hearts and organizations who are reaching out and providing the care, the food, the understanding, and most importantly the love that these children, women and men desperately need. But the organisations need help and support too, given the huge challenge that they/we are faced with, and every little bit will not only help but also show that they have the support and understanding from us.

I am sure all of us at some level or the other feel the same way, that surely I can be of some help….bring about a miniscule change…surely in some little way I can alleviate the pain…

Shall we.. ? Like, really take this up and see where we can go with this ? I would love to answer any questions and hear any suggestions, thoughts, ideas (this is not just my campaign)…anything that makes a difference will be so cool…

Please scroll down and also visit https://www.facebook.com/everystepwetake to read more about the fundraiser, the foundations, how you can help, about the trek for the campaign…

About the fundraiser…

…..I will be spending 9 nights and 10 days on the frozen Zanskar river (called the Chadar), in inhospitable conditions and will be exploring unchartered routes to remote villages in the Zanskar valley in Ladakh, India, which remain cut-off from “civilization” for months due to roads being snowed under. Many folks do the “chadar trek” in the months of January & February, but what is making our trek a bit unique and challenging is that…..

….. I will be doing this with only my local guide, Stanzin. We will not have any porter, cook or any organizational help…..and will be carrying all the equipment ourselves including tents, mattresses, sleeping bags, cooking items including a small gas cylinder, basic utensils and food to last us these 10 days... The temperatures here plunge down to around -35 C at night with the daily maximum temperature being around -15 C. The two of us will be camping on the frozen river, cooking our own food and hopefully be in total solitude for these 10 days. Our daily walks should be between 8 to 9 hours. We will be completely cut-off without means of communication of any kind between 5th of Feb to 13th Feb...


Belakku School for Special Children - A school in Yelahanka, Bangalore to look after the special needs of children who are mentally challenged and have multiple disability, and make them self-sufficient in their daily lives. http://belakkuforspecialchildren.com

Gharkul Parivar – A home and rehabilitation centre for mentally challenged girls and women. For more information visit: http://www.gharkulparivar.com/news_en.php

Fight Hunger Foundation - A foundation that has been working tirelessly to eradicate malnutrition and hunger from India. For more information visit: http://fighthungerfoundation.org/blog/scaling-new-heights

Sri Sidhhivinayak School – A school in rural India, providing rehabilitation, counseling, education and therapy to 40 mentally challenged children. For more information visit: http://www.ssvspecialschool.org/#news

For more information on “Every step we take…” and the trek for this campaign please visit the FB page: https://www.facebook.com/everystepwetake

How we can make a difference…

a) by going through the websites, watching the videos, reading some of the articles, and so understanding the severity of the issue, what the afflicted families are going through and how big this challenge is…

b) by donating a certain amount or by donating for a particular activity at these foundations, or for one child and so on…(details below)

c) by spreading the plea for help amongst your friends, colleagues…post the links on your FB page, Twitter, by word of mouth, emails…

d) by maybe having a fundraiser within your workspaces with your colleagues or go it alone

e) by getting together with friends and colleagues and adopting a stricken child or by proposing the same to your employer

f) by facilitating a discussion with your employer to see if we can forge a corporate partnership

Expense based donations…
Shri Siddhivinayak School for Mentally Challenged:
Yearly expense for one child: Rs. 12000 (USD 180, SEK 1608, GBP 144, Euro 168)
Study material for a year and set of uniform for one child: Rs. 2000 (USD 30, SEK 268, GBP 24, Euro 28)
Annual outing for the whole school: Rs. 15000 (USD 224, SEK 2000, GBP 181, Euro 211)
Physiotherapy Equipment: Rs. 20000 (USD 299, SEK 2667, GBP 241, Euro 282)
Fight Hunger Foundation:
Rs. 1500 (USD 22, SEK 200, GBP 18, Euro 21) can provide a food basket for a child recovering from severe acute malnutrition, which helps to ensure that the child makes a full recovery 
Rs 5000 (USD 75, SEK 667, GBP 60, Euro 70) is the cost of treatment for one child suffering from severe acute malnutrition.
Gharkul Parivar:
You can adopt one girl and bear their monthly/yearly expenses of Rs. 8000/Rs. 96000 (USD 120/1440, SEK 1066/12792, GBP 96/1152, / Euros 112/1344)
You can bear a one time meal expenses of Rs. 5000 for all residents  (USD 75, SEK 667, GBP 60, Euro 70)

About me…

I grew up in the beautiful valley of Dehradun in the north west of India. Schooling was in St. Joseph’s Academy where more of my time was spent outside the classroom kneeling down with my best friend Sunny, rather than at our study desks.  Yes, I was the original “Dennis the Menace”…so school went by playing cricket, football, hockey for the class and school teams, reading storybooks during study hours at home in the wintry evenings, cycling here and there with my brother and looking at the snow clad mountains all around us….

Moved to the big city of Kolkata for college and four years of bunking classes, watching movies, dabbling with the guitar and a failed affair later moved to Jamshedpur for work. Two years later I started on what would turn out to be many years of working abroad, starting in the US, then Singapore, Malaysia and then Sweden.

During this part of my life I travelled a lot and was always game to try some adventure sport or the other like bungee jumping, mountaineering, scuba diving, sky diving…( so this solo trek hasn’t come as a surprise to my family!)

The best thing to have happened to me during all this is Ashi, my lovely wife, and together we travelled quite a bit around the globe … from the vineyards of Italy to the fjords of Norway , from the Postojna caves of Slovenia to watching Messi score a hattrick in the Camp Nou, from the quaint cottages of Cotswald to the abandoned villages in Crete, Greece...and then to Jordan, Portugal, Germany, France, Cambodia, Turkey, Sri Lanka, Vietnam…..it carries on… but it is Sweden where we found our home. Yes, Sweden, where you will find the ice hotel, the magical Stockholm archipelago, the midnight sun and the midday moon is our home now….we have an apartment in Stockholm and from our kitchen window we can see the ships, boats sailing by on the Baltic sea…. we worked there for 8-9 years before coming to Bangalore last year to take care of our ailing parents….

Any profile of mine won’t be complete if I didn’t mention that my emotions are overwhelmingly dictated by Liverpool Football Club’s fortunes!
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8th March 2018
Dear Supporters,
We thank you for your support.

Here are some images from the day trip to the zoo with the children from Belakku special school. You can see the joy and excitement in their eyes and on their faces. The children had a lovely time and looking at that we decided to take them out like this a few times in a year. I would like you all to know that this was made possible only due to your kind, valuable donations, so from all of us a Big Thank you!


17th February 2018
Dear Friends,

Sharing a heart warming video of Gauri in SSV special school, who from early childhood couldn't even get up and walk and now is able to walk with the help of "walkers" which were bought using your donations along with the physiotherapy equipment and the services of a physiotherapist....I hope you feel as good as I do that all of us together, we are making a direct difference in these children's and their family's lives.

15th February 2018
Dear Supporters,

I am now back home and wanted to take a moment to Thank you all so much, for the love and support that you have given to Ashi and me and for helping the little children who are so dependent on all of us for that care, the treatment and most importantly our love and understanding.

I assure you that every penny will be of immense value to these schools given how starved of funds and resources they are, so do support us by sharing this campaign further with your friends and family.

Here are some images from Sri Sidhhivinayak Special School, a school that you have been supporting.  Anu DeRoden is from Netherlands and from time to time she comes over to voluntarily teach Yoga specially designed for differently challenged children. The children absolutely love her and of course, it is a mutual love affair that makes Anu come over quite frequently!

Thank you all once again. 
 The children absolutely love her and of course it is a mutual love affair that make Anu come over quite frequently!

Anu DeRoden is from Netherlands and from time to time she comes over to voluntarily teach Yoga specially designed for differently challenged children.

Teaching session in progress...
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Keep up the good work !

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You are such a great inspiration Atonu!

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The cause is great. I would gladly donate even when you don't risk your life. That you should just do because it is an amazing personal experience. It must be making you feel so small and so big at the same time.

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