Trupthi's Diwali fundraiser for Water | Milaap
This is a supporting campaign. Contributions made to this campaign will go towards the main campaign.

Together we can make a few lives simpler so that they don't have to wait in queues for water. Will you help?



I never have to wait an uncomfortable minute to get to water when I need it, while there are some that wait hours.
My motivation? I am extremely lucky and since that luck has been gifted to me, I feel that I must gift back a little too.
Don’t you?
And the best thing about Milaap is that you are not donating, you are lending some capital (which will be repaid to you) to help someone build a life.
Benefactors of this campaign will be women like Murugayee:
Murugayee is a 54-year old woman from Musiri, Tamil Nadu. Narrating her daily experience in fetching water, she says recalls how despite queuing up for one hour at the public tap, she's had to return home empty-handed many times. The last straw was when a nasty fight broke out in the queue once and she was left with a broken nose. Deciding to get a permanent solution to this, she sought a loan from Guardian, our field partner. With Rs 7000, she was able to get a piped connection at home.
Murugayee's story is not the exception, it is more the norm in many villages in Tamil Nadu, in South India.
Rs.86,101 raised

Goal: Rs.60,000

Supporters (34)

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Nirali lent Rs.500

Happy Birthday Adit! He has pledged his birthday gift to the cause :)

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