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ENVenture is connecting diaspora to bring power to rural businesses in India


Kaayaler Bazaar is a typical rural market housed in the remote, off-grid island of L plot in Sunderbans, West Bengal. The market consists of 30 shops offering a variety of hardware, medical, cloth, jewelry, electrical, and grocery goods and services coupled with small tea stalls and a fish market. The shops are currently powered for 4 hours in the evening by a diesel gen-set. Not only is this polluting the fragile ecology of the Sunderbans, but it is an expensive proposition with diesel prices climbing steadily. Some of the local small shop owners are finding it difficult to cope with these increasing prices, and finally, have had to switch to kerosene wick lamps. This limits business. Finally, they do not have ownership over the system, and are at the constant mercy of the gen-set operator for power supply. Not satisfied with this status quo, 6 rural shop owners have decided to give up diesel completely and buy a 500W solar facility to power their individual business and provide light to nearby shops for five hours in the evening. The systems would cost Rs. 100,000 each. They seek a loan of Rs. 95,000, and have put up Rs. 5,000 of their own savings as the initial down payment. They will repay the loan through affordable monthly installments. This switch to a solar-based micro-grid will result in minimum savings of Rs. 1000 per month per shop. Moreover, Dibakar Majhi, the featured shop owner in the picture, strongly feels that he will be able to plough back a part of these savings into expanding his business further and will invest the other part into his child’s education. He takes pride in saying that he will be the owner of this facility once the loan is paid off. There are 4 other small off-grid rural markets in the remote island of L Plot in the Sunderbans that are currently being powered by diesel sets that also plan to set up micro grids. With a loan of Rs. 472,500 we can help the rural shop owners in these 5 rural markets to rewrite their destiny.

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