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Educating in its true sense...
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Why am I fundraising?

The Idea of En`route Success

En`route Success is a parallel curriculum designed for the students of grade 5 to 10 that complements the existing school curriculum.

Our program addresses the internal problems within individuals that hampers their right to succeed, stay happy and lead an enriched life. Naming a few of them:

(a) Lack of self-belief
(b) Lack of a good self-image
(c) Accept defeat when faced by temporary hurdles
(d) Succumb to failure
(e) Look at people and things based on their own perception
(f) Negative outlook towards life

The worst part about these problems is that they are "perceived" problems and not problems in the real sense.

The question is where does the root of these problems lie?

Every individual is a result of their upbringing. Whatever we are today, we have learnt it somehow over the years. Because, when a child is born, he is born with an absolutely empty mind and he is learning continuously since every single thing is eventually new to him. It is this learning phase that gradually lays the foundation of his thoughts and beliefs thereby forming his outlook towards life.

So these major internal problems that we are talking about are also a result of gradual and consistent learning over the years.

This negative learning could have happened in 2 possible ways:

  • The wrong was taught directly in the childhood
  • Nothing related to this was taught, so the child was forced to learn by observations and experiences

But why do you think these 2 possibilities could come to existence in the first place??

It is just because the right was not taught to you directly!!!

Childhood is the only phase where a child's mind could be moulded. Once past this age, the belief system and outlook towards life would have already taken shape and hence it becomes very difficult to re-shape it.
But our education system and our society by large fails to address this learning thereby leaving such vital learnings at the mercy of the surrounding.

This brings in so much of uncertainty in the process of child development and hence we find people with such diverse thinking and ideologies even though we are all a product of the same education system.

So either purify the surrounding or directly install the key learnings into them such that they act as the antivirus to the virus in the surrounding.

Our society is such that it neither shields the children from the negatives, nor imbibes positive learning into them!
En`route Success takes charge of this childhood and deliberately injects the seeds of positive learning and allows it to grow into flowering plants, by constant watering.
We wish to create such a state where every individual is naturally inspired and lives an enriched life, irrespective of all circumstances!

By En`route success we wish to create a transformation in the education system by creating new parameters in which training and coding should be done during the developmental stage.

We wish to create a transformation in the thinking process of people by developing this new outlook right at their beginning phase.
We as an organisation wish to do this throughout the nation for all children irrespective of their background. A child from a rich background needs it as much as a child from the poor background. It is about forming an ideal outlook towards life during their developmental stage and hence it is independent of the status, location, background or any other parameter.

For the schools who can afford this, we would do this at bare minimum cost to take care of the obvious expenses. But for the schools which cannot afford at all, we wish to avail them this program without any cost. We need the funding to cater to these low income / under-privileged schools.

In the next five years, we wish to take this program to multiple countries after successfully expanding within the nation. We wish to impact the lives of children globally and thereby build a great foundation for them to flourish. 

What do I plan to do with the funds?

Our program for the low income and under-privileged schools have only one major expense - The Teacher. Our program would be delivered in these schools by a specialized well trained personnel whom we call "Special Agents". We need the funding to pay for their salaries which would be around Rs.12,000 a month.
Depending on the number of sections in a school, the number of Special Agents needed for a school is determined. The maximum classes that a Special Agent can handle in a week in one school is 18 (considering 6 days of school). So if the number of classes in a school is more than this, then we would need one more Special Agent whereas if the number of classes are significantly less than 18, then one Special Agent can handle multiple schools.

We need the money to kick start the operations in one of these schools and sustain it for the first 7-8 months. In the meanwhile we can search for sources for funding the project for the future.

Why should you donate?

One school would mean influencing the lives of around 500 students. Your simple contribution could give these children a new hope towards life. The students in these under privileged and low income schools grow up in very distressed and negative surrounding. Merely making them literates will barely do much of benefit to them and thereby to the society in large.
The real achievement would be to bring these kids at a level much above from what their surrounding gives them by default. Once this is done, they would have the right platform to flourish ahead.
These En`route Success kids would in return spread the knowledge in their surrounding. One simple contribution from you could trigger an aggressive chain reaction throughout. 

Our Ultimate Aim

The execution of the nation's education ideologies has become very clerical today. The term education has now become synonymous to information. The more information you have; be it about subjects, current affairs, degrees, etc. the more educated you are considered!
But the true sense of education is what we have never understood because we were never told the real meaning of it.
True education is the harmonious development of the physical, mental, moral and social faculties, the four dimensions of life.
It is after you acquire this, you could do anything in life in a much more creative and efficient way. Skills can be learnt and information can be acquired anytime but if you lack the recipe, your ingredients alone would be helpless in bringing out the best of its abilities.
If today we are able to impart education in its true sense, we can be sure to see amazing results at an individual and societal level. It is humans who make up a society and a nation and thereby this world. If humans can live an enriched life at their level, the society as a whole would move towards betterment. There would be more understanding among people resulting in a harmonious environment. More productivity and efficiency leading to the nation's progress and so many more changes you would start to see.
Today's environment is largely filled with negativity all around and most would fail to even identify it. A child growing up in such a surrounding is bound to become of the similar sort. It is highly crucial that a child is educated in the real sense to enable himself to understand what is right and wrong otherwise he will come out just like the rest! The current education system is due a long time reformation and it is this knowledge that can lead this transformation right from the front.

Either you make the surrounding such that the child is safe to grow in it or teach them the right things so that they are shielded from the negatives. If providing the right surrounding is not possible now, then let us create it.

Today almost 35% of the Indian population is below the age of 16 years. If we can host their upbringing with the appropriate sense of education, they in return will form the new surrounding for the next generation to come. It will then be a matter of just 20 years before the surrounding will become the most productive and fertile place to learn from and then we can be assured of a great upbringing for a great future...

Our ultimate dream is to see our program as completely unnecessary and meaningless in the next 30-35 years. We are very excited to see the renaissance happening across the globe. But to see the change, we need to be the change first! Come join our campaign and let us all together walk En`route Success...

Contact details:
Write to us at
(M) +91 9987549293 / 9867929245

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