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#BuildToiletsBringDignity: Help Lonwadi Become Open Defecation Free!

As we, at The Better India, sat down to talk about what makes for an ideal country, we spoke about progress and what it meant to each of us. During the conversation, we realized we were among the thousands of Indians guilty of measuring growth by looking at the skylines of our cities. We recognized that we were being blind to our privileges and were taking them for granted, everyday. It was clear that for real growth the last person standing in the last queue of even the most remote village should have access to potable water, electricity, proper toilet facilities, and schools.

As many as 490 million, or nearly a third of our population, lacks adequate sanitation, which is one of the prime reasons why people are forced to defecate in the open. This problem mostly occurs in rural areas, where the prevalence is estimated at 52% of the population, as opposed to urban areas, where the prevalence is estimated at 7.5%.

On World Toilet Day, on November 19, we have thus decided to make one remote village in Maharashtra free of open defecation. We've joined hands with Shiv Prabha Charitable Trust to assist the people of Lonwadi in their quest make Lonwadi an Adarsh Gram (ideal village), to make a small yet lasting difference.

The Plan: To make Lonwadi 100% Open Defecation Free

INR 8,00,000 will help us build a toilet in each of the 42 households in the village and we have just 30 days to raise the amount! Every Rs. 2,000 contributed by you will help get us 10% closer to laying the foundations of a Swachh Bharat starting from each household.

Real progress must benefit those at the grassroots; empowering them will automatically ensure prosperity of the world at large.

So, don't wait. DONATE NOW.

Role Of Shiv Prabha Charitable Trust
Shiv Prabha Charitable Trust has been working in Lonwadi since the last four years, getting closer and closer to realizing their dream of making it an Adarsh Gram. In the process they have ensured that the village has adequate availability of water throughout the year, a lack of which is cited as one of the reasons why constructed toilets do not get used. The NGO has already helped bring solar lamps and potable water to Lonwadi & now their volunteers will join hands with the people of Lonwadi to start the construction of the toilets, offering a stepping stone towards a healthier, cleaner and happier lifestyle for its inhabitants.

We hope that projects like these will inspire the community to work towards changing things for the better. Acknowledge your privilege and play your part to end open defecation. Help bring a change.

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23rd May 2017
Dear Supporters,

We are extremely happy to share this update with you.

ShhivPrabha took their noble initiative further and understood the issue was not just Open Defecation but also the lack of bathrooms/bathing facilities for the people.

They proposed a model to build 21 toilet+bathroom facilities for the people. The proposal was taken to the government and they also provided them some help in the initiative.

16 out of 21 toilets+bathrooms have been constructed and are being used by the people. It has been a wonderful step towards betterment and ShivPrabha Trust is extremely grateful to all of you.

Here are some images of the toilets+bathrooms built in Lonwadi.

Thank you for the love and support.

Team Milaap. 
13th December 2016

A big thank you to the 121 supporters who've helped Lonwadi get halfway close to its target. Everybody from Lonwadi feels deeply thankful to their supporters for joining them in their quest to become free of open defecation.

Your generous contributions have already allowed ShivPrabha to start constructing toilets in some of the houses. The construction has begun in full force and atleast 20 toilets will be built over the next month, laying the foundation of a clean and healthy future for much of Lonwadi.

However, Lonwadi currently has 42 households in the village. Which means, they still have a long way to go before realizing their dream of becoming free of open defecation.

All of the villagers are acutely aware of the importance of having toilets at home. They are eagerly anticipating the completion of all the toilets in order to secure healthy, hygienic and dignified lives for themselves.

Every contribution, big or small, is going to help the people of Lonwadi get closer to their goal of a clean and hygienic village. Help make this beautiful and inspiring village meet its target.  A second round of donation will only do them some good!

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Best initative by our PM

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Small contribution for big mission.

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Hope this noble NGO more importantly trains and creates awareness among the villagers to maintain the newly built toilets properly !!

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