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Here is your chance to help make the world better through lending and not just giving away. Lend today, lend now.


"Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime." While this phrase conveys the right approach to helping someone, it misses to mention the initial investment necessary to buy the fishing rod. Here is your chance to help in that investment through "lending" and not just giving away - the only sustainable way of empowering people.
Who will you be helping?
Women like Mahananda. She is one of over 250,000 girls and women in India forced into prostitution due to an ancient and outlawed, yet still prevalent, practice called Devadasi.
How was she helped?
Mahananda escaped the system with support from MASS, Milaap's partner in India. Now a 34-year single mother, she has started her own tailoring business, and is proud that her business will enable her two daughters to complete their education and embark on their own careers.
How does this work?
MASS provides financial support to former Devadasi women to start small businesses like tailoring, rearing livestock, and running small shops. Becoming entrepreneurs helps pay their bills, offers their children a better future, integrates them back into society, and eventually break free of the vicious cycle of prostitution.
How do you know your money has gone into the right hands?
The ultimate evidence of that is the fact you will be repaid and those who've benefited from your kind gesture will live a life with self-respect, dignity and pride.
What's in it for you?
The joy of empowering someone and making their lives better at no cost at all and - get this - money can't buy that kindda joy anyway!
Lend today, lend now.

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