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Empower rural mothers to start their own businesses


Lalbiakzangi from Mizoram. Madhuben Kanthibai from Gujarat. Kavitha from Tamil Nadu and Rekha from Karnataka. A tea-stall owner, a small cloth-selling business owner, and two women from different locations who rear goats. What links them all? Every single one of them is running a small enterprise in order to ensure that their children have the future that they could only dream about growing up.
For these women, due to different social and financial circumstances, they weren't able to follow their dreams when they are young. Now, they know the pressing need for education and how it can open doors that are very necessary. In order to educate their children, they set up small businesses either to supplement their husbands' incomes or as the sole wage earner. Rekha is a former Devadasi woman who is building a new life with the help of MASS (a Milaap field partner). Proud mother of one, she is determined that her daughter will not be condemned to the same life that she herself led.
Milaap, together with four of its field partners – MASS, Prayas, WSDS and GMF – is celebrating Mother's Day this year by fulfilling the dreams of these mothers. With a small loan from you, we can truly honour these mothers the way they deserve!

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