I am fundraising to empower a girl child

Why am I fundraising?

To empower girl child.

No, before you start thinking it's Rahul Gandhi who led me to say this, let me clarify the difference - we will actually be empowering a girl child.

We all know how incredible women are and how in their various and simultaneous roles (daughter, mother, guardian, friend, colleagues, businesswomen etc) during a lifetime, they are the forces behind everything we are, everything we become and everything we are supposed to be.

But as social animals, what determines who we become is determined by the environment, influences and lives around you. It is extremely important for everyone (irrespective of the gender) to have someone in their life that they look up to - for inspiration, motivation, love and even simply, how to just be.

And to have/find that person becomes all the more difficult if you are a girl - sadly, it is a fact that I hate to accept, but it is true.
Even more so if you belong to a marginalized section of the society - I hate to accept this even more, but it is true to - but it is precisely the reason I am doing this.

I am running for them. And against everything that comes their way (metaphorically). Yes.

I will be running the Standard Chartered Mumbai (Half) Marathon, 2016 to create a space, a voice for (girl) children of sex workers and to share the love, respect acceptance they deserve in the society/world at large.

How will your money help?

Through Apne Aap Women's Collective and Mentor Me India's collaborative efforts, these girls get strong models in life who empower them to completely change the trajectory of their lives.

Your every rupee will go towards ensuring that the impact reaches to hundreds and thousands of these girls and eventually transform the community/society.

What will you get?

Apart from the beautiful feeling that your contribution that you will get, you shall also receive the following:

Tax exemption/80 G certificate for all your donation (irrespective of the amount). In addition to that, I offer:

  • 500 Rs supporters - a handwritten thank you letter (FYI - I have a decently pretty handwriting, or so I have been told);
  • 1000 Rs - a handwritten thank you letter + name on my running tshirt (with a picture);
  • 2000 Rs - a handwritten thank you letter + name on my running tshirt (with a picture) + a meal/outing with me (I won't be cooking, so you will be safe);
  • 5000 Rs - a handwritten thank you letter + name on my running tshirt (with a picture) + a meal/outing with me + merchandise;
  • 10,000 Rs - a handwritten thank you letter + name on my running tshirt (with a picture) + a meal/outing with me + merchandise + donor champion letter and certificate (includes annual updates about a Mentor-mentee pair) + you can officially adopt me (optional but highly recommended ~my parents)

Thank you so much for reading and contributing too (hopefully)!

Please reach out to me in case of any questions/clarifications (including those about my adoption papers).

Much love,

(P.S.: I have run about 6 10km races and a 15 km one, so hoping to perform well in this one as well (and survive it too)).

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22nd January 2018
The funds will be used in expanding the reach of the program to more children across the city! Many thanks for supporting the campaign.

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Please adopt him. ~ His mom.