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I am fundraising to Ignite the minds of Indians
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Dear All,

Please accept our compliments ,
Inviting  you to join hands  with our nation rebuilding Initiatives to see “India vision 2020” a reality.   Visit our web site to take part: http://www.emergeindiafoundation.com/ . 
A public charitable trust . Non profit – NGO .   Income Tax benefits applicable under section 80G . please e-mail : emergeindiafoundation@gmail.com or call 09008133001 or 09632018994

Link to Article Published in Leading News Magazine about our Good work:

Giant Leap
We are the Single largest platform Intending to connect 131 crores of Indian minds Intellectually under one roof with once again with one voice to rebuild our nation Intellectual front.

Core values
Our mantra is to feed the hunger with a fish and also teach them how to catch the fish to lead their own life but, don’t forget  to show the pond where there are fishes (opportunities) if there is no such opportunity create the opportunities for the people.

Two Pillars Model
There are two pillars on which the entire Initiatives of emerge India foundation built upon. 1st is the Immediate containment action and 2nd is the permanent solution on long term basis. The Immediate containment actions are the mandatory Immediate relief activities  that need to be fulfilled to free a person who is struggling with suffering’s & pain’s presently. But, we don’t stop at there, we find the root cause , we move beyond and stretch extra mile to do every thing to resolve that problem on a permanent basis by resolving the root cause not only for that particular person but also for the society on the whole.

Pillar 1 . Few of Immediate containment actions on the roll
Feed the hunger daily with rich nutritional food supplements & health drinks – Specially a herbal plant called "CENTELLA ASIATICA " based . This is called building the base, so that the structure can be built up to skyscraper.  Poverty eradication – Arrange some job according to their capability to win their bread. Women & Girl child empowerment. Literacy Improvement. Character building and personality development for youth .Skill development & placement assistance for unemployed .Health camps, awareness programs, Medical check up for Diabetes, Hypertension, Cancer , Depression and Alzheimers. Ancient yogic healing method to Invoke self healing abilities of human body for all diseases .Do any thing & every thing to build hope in the minds Disabled, aged and Orphans . Engaging the minds of people in productive ways since, Idle man’s brain is devils gateway.

Pillar 2 .Permanent solution we Implement through “Centre for Excellence” as Innovation Hub
Emerge India sets up  “CENTRE FOR EXCELLENCE” at urban levels and “VILLAGE SUPPORT GROUPS “ at rural levels both via On-line as well as Off-line (1:1 direct) for Implementing all our Initiatives. Centre for excellence takes care of all the needs of persons by enabling, training & supporting from gross root to super performer  level. It takes care of brain power enhancement for all ages from, Mind gyms, Creative Ideas development, It is an Ideas management bank, Software called “Inventors tool kit”, Education from nursery to competitive exams in all fields for all ages, self learning abilities, research platform, 1:1 personal mentors through on-line & off-line, Employability skills & multi skills training platform with employment, platform for amateur & professional Inventions, Develop ideas in to product , proto type manufacturing , field testing centres, research laboratory for all fields , Libraries, patents & IP rights protection, entrepreneurship development trainings, Yoga, Best practices by Agricultural Innovation, Organic farming and Creating unlimited opportunities on nation wide Via on-line as well as Off-line (1:1 direct contact) Involving subject matter specialists / mentors in all fields in single window. 

Unleash the kalam with in every Indian
Hope that we will not forget the question raised on us by  our beloved Dr.APJ.Abdul kalam  “Why is this nation of 127 Crores of people are behaving like the population of few lakhs ? “  and with all his blessings and our efforts let us try  to find an answer  through the Initiatives of Emerge India Foundation .

This nation as Better place to live
Together ,Let us Gift this nation as a best place to live for  the present & future generation and to show to the world it’s rich hidden values and bring out the hidden gems to the surface. Create Opportunities for the 65% of population of youth on whom this nation relies on.

Future skills
Let us remember that the future race is only for Intellectual minds and less for muscle strength. with a sense of good hope, positive approach ,strong will , desire and commitment we are aiming to rebuild this nation on Intellectual front.

Synergy among Corporates, NGOs and Volunteers
Let us  Synergise  the efforts of all the corporates, NGOs and every common man by total volunteering and participation approach.

Back ground
The founder is a mechanical engineer in his early 50’s. Amateur Inventor . Involved with several Inventions and patenting and copy rights . Has been Instrumental for the transformation of several corporates. A management consultant by profession and  a Lean specialist with six sigma black belt .

Let us do it now
Since, our populations & challenges are so huge and grows exponentially to time. Also every one of us have a role on  “India Vision 2020” . By the time you address one problem , there are thousand new problems emerging out.
Let us ,use the Internet technology  to connect and Involve people nation wide to benefit them as quickly as possible. No time to loose.

Resolve the Root cause
We extend unlimited support to free  people from  all sorts of sufferings & pains as a containment action and at the same time we also work parallelly for a permanent solution based on root cause analysis. Enable, support ,Train and retrain people until they grow to stand on their own. Don’t just give to people what you have, rather give them what they need. That is why we call it a scientific approach.

Tip of the Ice Berg
Conventional approach addresses only the tips of the ice berg  only 1 % of real problem (It is the only thing that is visible ,not to blame any ) . Where as remaining 99% is hidden beneath the ocean. Which will emerge larger and larger as and when you start attending the tip and the problems were  never ending. This is why we need a specialist approach.

No time to Loose
Already we are late by 68 golden years. Let us See the nations which were less competitive and were behind  once and had over taken us with a  quantum jump leaving us behind. Awake, arise ,stop not and let us do it now. We are the one who has to build a very strong foundation over which our next generations can build sky scrapers. It is only now, we have 65% of youth population which need to be enabled, supported and trained.

Opportunity Not to miss for every Indian
Emerge India foundation has  built a platform as an Opportunity for every  fellow Indian to give back whole heartedly to the nation, what we have earned from this nation for a remarkable cause.

Let us  do any thing & every thing
We are all going to do the one time job of Igniting  the minds of 131 crores of people of this nation simultaneously, only once and for the first time. Then it will compound it self by cascading effect. Let us together do any thing & every thing for that. We need millions of hands, minds and donations  all together to join for miracles to happen. Then ask me, why we can not challenge the world? 

By Volunteering  with Emerge India you are part of below National Initiatives                                                                                     Make In India                                                                                   Start up India stand up India                                                                                                                   Skill India                                                                                                                                                       Digital India                                                                                                                                                  MPJJY & PMSBY                                                                                                                                            Mudra bank Yojana                                                                                                                                    Swachh Bharat                                                                                                                                            Beti Bachao Beti Padhao                                                                                                                          Bal swachh Abhiyan

VISION                                                                                                                                                           To emerge as a bench mark among NGO’s  with our Innovative strategic approach  to transform the lives of people who are in sufferings and pains.

Implementation of  practical and sustainable lively hood (SLA) covering  People , Nature, Economy,  Physical  and Social entities.
People empowerment  though centre for excellences with Immediate containment actions to free people from sufferings & pains and permanent long-term solutions  for upliftment.
A single largest platform to synergise the efforts among NGOs, Corporates and common man.

Time lines
It has been already happening  rapidly and  It is just waiting for you to come in .

No more reinventing the wheel
You are welcome as a donor or volunteer or mentor or a mix of all  .You are the best judge and you only know the truth . We don’t  advice you to leave your existing responsibilities abruptly and come and join with us. You know well to balance your resources and do judiciously.  Because mere fund or mind or  hand will not do miracle. We all have a one time job right now. Give your self as a whole for only once in your life time until we gain momentum . Your whole hearted Involvement  is most wanted . Only then the synergy will do miracles.   Hence, we need all the Inputs at once.

no:13.Sathyanarayana temple street , Upstairs precision foto type services ,Halasuru,Bangalore-560008.Karnataka - INDIA .E-mail: emergeindiafoundation@gmail.com.
Mobile phone : +91 9008133001 and +91 9632018994.

1 . Thankfully repaying to my Nation - Emerge India Foundation 1 off 20 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lVRKd10IEkY     
Up to (In between there are 15 topic vice Videos which will reveal our Initiatives completely)
17.  Medical , Yoga, Agro Innovation & Brain gym 17 off 20 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WMTMhoE9lhw
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