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Pustak se hi shiksha- Let's Provide a whole new possibility of life
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COVID -19 pandemic has challenged our society in many ways.  Our children have been impacted to a greater degree due to school closure. No one has been able to anticipate the school openings leaving our children void of basic learning particularly reading. While many private schools have the tools/ technology to run on-line classes, the government schools and other underprivileged schools have been unable to adjust to the situation and have suffered to greater extent.

Here are some facts, did you know ?
  • 50% of the kids studying in govt. schools do not have access to smartphone at home
  • 25% of the kids who even have a smartphone have network problems and hence, they are connectivity issues during video calls.
  • Some kids with smartphone as well as internet connection get access to the smartphone for a limited time as the phone belongs to their parents. Additionally the phone has to be shared amongst the siblings.
  • Resulting in only 10-20% of the students have proper access to phone and internet to attend uninterrupted classes.
What are the short term and long term impacts ?  
  • Students of grade 9-12 are most impacted as they would have least time to catch-up before their exams.
  • For grade 12, it could even impact their possibilities for admission to colleges and performance in entrance exams.
Due to these conditions, the learning/ reading for govt. schools kids has come to a halt. Based on researched, wherever schools have closed for 4-5 months the learning level of kids depreciated. Their vocabulary is impacted and knowledge retention has suffered.  In some instances it may take 6 months – 1 year to come back to their earlier learning levels.

Be the change you wish to see in the world!
Education today is no longer a luxury but a necessity in life. None can deny the essentials of a well-read educated person. But with the lofty school fees, it very often slips out from the grips of those who are economically weak. To their aid and assistance comes the Scope for Change. The NGO strives towards the betterment of the Indian Education System as a whole. Working towards the change we have started a Book Donation Drive.

Donations can be an effective tool in the promotion of reading and quality education for all especially to the under-privileged who are unable to afford the resources for their education.

Our Book Donation Drive aims to provide the under-privileged children with the resources they require to get quality education. By providing these children with these resources especially books we can give them a whole new possibility of life with the constant help and support of our donors.  Our aim is to help these under-privileged children with books as their gift of knowledge and a step towards their quality education.

Why should you do this?
  • Education  helps children make sense of the world around them. The children who can’t read are unable to learn and this impacts their quality learning outcomes.
  • Education is a life skill and we need resources to access the best and to become the brightest. And these children lack these resources which makes this accessibility difficult for them.
  • In recent times many children have shown the urge to learn, to be educated and started attending schools.
  • But now in these pandemic times they are not able to attend the schools and also do not have the availability of smart phones & internet, which makes education a challenge for these children.

Donate for the books so you can change a life by providing much-needed access.
Many children are unable to afford academic books due to the high prices of the books. You can make their future and their dreams by your contribution and studies have shown that giving wholeheartedly will make you happy.

We are working on this cause but need resources to create an impact and funds donated will be used for:
  • Purchasing Racks
  • Warehouse for storing books
  • Logistics and Inventory
  • Purchasing Stationary and Book for which there is a requirement but are not in stock of donated items like Hindi medium books.
  • Organizing events that help in improving reading habits and skills for the underprivileged.
  • Target to distribute around 10000 books in the coming session.

Intending to promote 100 % literacy in India. Join our mission and donate to us so that we can provide these gifts of knowledge to them on your behalf.
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