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Education Of Every Child Is Responsibility Of The Society - FDLP INDIA
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(Education of every child is responsibility of the society )
Our education cell will provide help under the project name ''FDLP EDUCATION PROJECT" to students to complete their education in worry-less and flying colors .
To provide educational help to students for completing their education to convert India into'' DEVELOPED COUNTRY'' and subsequently into ''DEVELOPED NATION''.
Every student is an asset of our country India. And with imparting best education our youths can be transformed into ideal citizens of our country and best human beings of the our beloved planet EARTH.
we must remember that strengthening our country on educational point of view , will definitely convert India into a SUPER POWER of the world with best human beings.
After independence in 1950 India adopted democracy and became biggest democratic country of the world. But due to lack of widespread educational activities all over the country and especially due to differences in economic status in the society, quality educational atmosphere remained too far from downtrodden sector of the country.
Due to very large status differences improper and unequal education imparted among citizens of the county. And that's why the actual benefits of democratic world remained far away from the common man and from India as a whole as 80% of the India dwells in villages full of common man.
Hence, India after so many years of Independence remained as under developed country, which would have by now should have been identified as Developed country like Europe , America etc.
Smartly work to get our country India identified as Developed country and subsequently transform India into a developed Nation. ( Please note : Country and Nation are different terms & concepts. Mostly both this terms are wrongly used in similar meaning and sense. )
FDLP thinks students as asset of our country and mean that. And thinking on that line , it reveals that imparting good education to the youths is the responsibility of the country , thereby of the society in whole.
Rather than thinking , considering and accepting that the parents should be more concern than anyone else about education of their children, we should say that being the youths are asset of our country and suppose to head our country for next generation, THE COUNTRY OR THE SOCIETY MUST ACCEPT THAT EDUCATION OF EVERY SINGLE CHILDREN WILL BE THEIR PRIME CONCERN.  And as such work smartly for imparting the best education in healthy educational atmosphere to the assets of the country.
FDLP decided and accepted this task of creating ideal citizens equipped with good education on prime and priority footing, knowing the fact that Democracy always govern by 'Rule of Law', and to understand rule of law effectively we have no other option other than to impart highest quality of education to our children, which will in turn unable our youths as efficient users of democracy. It is always true that inefficient and non users of democracy type citizens are the main reason to keep India an undeveloped country till date.
When users of any principle, thing etc, for example ; Apps like Face book, Google, Twitter, whatsapp etc increases, the APP bound to develop. So if we are succeeded in creating and increasing users of democracy by giving best quality education to children and youths all over the country, than due to increase in users of democracy (Rule of Law), definitely the democracy will be develop and flourish by converting India into a developed country.
The cost of every item/ thing/service is increasing day by day including education. If we are not focussing to this issue of education , no sooner there will be the time that education will turn into luxury item as it will be out of reach of common man and thus majority of parents will not able to afford even primary schooling to their children and as such will kept away from education.
In order to overcome this difficulty FDLP designed "FDLP EDUCATION PROJECT" with participation of society at large. wherein society will and have to play vital role at every stage of the project to make it success till India gets converted into a developed country,  with kind human beings.
1) At initial level FDLP Education Cell will invite the applications from the students desiring to seek help to compete their education.
2) Wherein students/parents have to submit approximate estimate of total expenditure of the educational course with expenditure under different heads like course fee, tuition fee, education material expenses, travelling expenses, boarding expenses, etc, for yearly basis along with monthly requirement of funds.
3) After due local inquiry, scrutiny and following due procedure suggested funds will be disbursed on monthly /quarterly basis.
80% fund will be directly distributed to applicants ( students), + 10 % expenditure on office bearers for carrying out process & travelling expenses, + 10 % expenditure on stationery and other office maintenance charges.
The amount decided to disburse to every student will depend upon the overall course expenditure and monthly expenditure  share borne by family from the actual requirement.
The central committee will decide after due survey ,  scrutiny and investigation and if needed interview the parent and/or student , and plan the assistance to be disbursed monthly or quarterly .
1) Initially the funds collected through CROWD FUNDING will be disbursed by following due procedure set and established by FDLP Education Cell.
2) Subsequently the workers of FDLP Education Cell along with volunteers will carry out campaign(offline) and collect funds area wise regularly from public per month from every person desirous to support the cause.
3) The online and area wise offline work of FDLP Educational Cell will continue to generate huge funds to cater each and every application for help to complete education.
Hence in near future, if the cost education goes very high or government unable to provide enough budget for education , this society generated system of assistance for completing education will not allow to create any impediments in the way of any child to impart best quality education.
1) We can contribute in CROWD FUNDING.
2) Join as volunteer of the project.
Volunteers required for :
A) To conduct local inquiry.
B) To carry out Scrutiny.
C) To help in completing process of documentation.
D) To handle regional /territory offices.
E) To campaign for the cause.
F) To collect area wise fund (offline).
The most important and valuable sector of our society with
lot of experience are always welcomed to carry out this
process successfully and sincerely.

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