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I am a simple 24-year-old boy who has always seen an opportunity to help where others might see a problem. I have always been drawn to help children from various backgrounds. I have organized numerous sensitization drives for visually impaired children, events for spreading awareness for the lack of accessibility for the physically handicapped, teaching students from economically weak backgrounds, doing research work and surveys about the education system in India, teaching in orphanages and in blind schools. I founded an NGO – Save The Quest, 3 years ago, when I was in 2nd year of college in Delhi university. We have always been an unpretentious organization which is primarily youth-led.
We often complain about the growing migrant population in metropolitan cities, we dislike seeing people sleeping on roadsides, we are full of disdain for beggars on the road.. But we fail to realize the root cause of these problems. A huge number of people come to big metropolitan cities searching for a better life for themselves, to escape the clutches of poverty and horribly low standards of living, and most importantly, they leave their lands and comfort zone to build a better future for their children! A person might undergo innumerable hardships, bear atrocities and hunger and thirst, but he will NOT bear to see his child suffer!being of the children our foremost goal. This will pave the way for an educated future for India, where our youth will be educated, contributing to the GDP instead of being lost in the dark world of the migrant labourers.
After a quick study of various data points available, we realized that we need to start our efforts from Bihar. While the average literacy rate in India is 74.04%, in Bihar, it is a mere 63.8%, the lowest in India. No wonder, then, that the maximum migrants are from Bihar! A more thorough ground level research gave us another important insight – the quality of education in Bihar is much lower than the rest of India.  A student going to 5th standard in Bihar, might have the level of a 1st standard student. start these education centers. But now that these centers are a success, we need to think about scaling up our efforts. We need to touch more lives, educate more children, brighten a whole lot many futures, and at the same time maintain the quality of education for these centres. For this, we now need as much help as we can get.handedly. If you have ever pitied the plight of beggar children, if you have ever felt anger and concern over the growing poverty in India, if you really want to create a better future for your nation, do donate generously to this cause.Please contact me, Saif (Founder of Save The Quest), if you need to know more about our efforts, have any ideas, or just want to put a voice to this appeal.

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