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Ganesh standing in line after class on Sunday

Meet Ganesh, a normal but special child from the slums of Asalpha in Mumbai. While there are some that go to schools to study the mundane curriculum, there are many that don’t. In short, most of the kids from low socioeconomic backgrounds, especially in Asalpha, lack the skills necessary to thrive not only in today’s competitive environments but also in life.

What seems to be neglected is that these kids lack the confidence. Many even lack the confidence to graduate school. Muskurahat Foundation is just one of the few known NGO’s working to change this.

Muskurahat has already affected the lives of 100 kids and their families and is looking to broaden their impact. Every Sunday, these kids are enthusiastic about their weekly sessions starting late in the morning at 11.

The skills taught in these sessions are only going to prove to be pivotal in the long run. Currently, Muskurahat has managed to acquire two locations within Asalpha to teach their students.

The first school at Aanganwadi

Muskurahat has over 100 volunteers from all walks of life: Engineering, Law, Media, Medicine, Media, etc.

A group of similar-skilled kids are taught by each volunteer

Kids of all ages are taught. Kids as young as 3 years up to 16-17 years are present

This location, at Aanganwadi, does not really harbor a conducive learning environment. There’s no roof or a shed which makes it susceptible to the harsh Mumbai rains and the intense summer heat, making it difficult for volunteers and the students. Classes have been and can be potentially canceled for weeks.

The second school - a Buddist Temple
Muskurahat Foundation has managed to acquire the permission to teach inside a Buddist temple in Asalpha. On the lookout for similar locations, which makes it possible for them to present a variety of lectures and display short films, Muskurahat is trying to increase their impact and the number of schools in different parts of the massive slum in Asalpha.

Besides the regular curricular topics, Muskurahat also educates kids and adults on social and environmental problems like Human Rights, Safety, Waste Management, Abuse, Mental Health, Sex Education, Menstruation, etc. to name a few.

A volunteer presenting a lecture on overall hygiene at the second school

Kids listening attentively to why hygiene is so important to prevent harmful diseases

A girl answering why cutting nails is important

Kids watching an animated short film on hygiene on a recently bought projector. This is the only projector Muskurahat Foundation has and they are trying to buy more such projectors and computers to make the kids tech-savvy individuals.

Muskurahat is looking to widen its impact

Having one school inside a temple and the other one at an open compound, Muskurahat is interested in increasing the number of schools and have a positive impact on more kids. Only a number of kids from a particular area are able to attend these sessions, making it pivotal to have multiple locations throughout the slum.
Muskurahat is also looking for different venues which are not susceptible to weather. Aanganwadi, an open compound, makes it difficult to hold regular classes and promotes lack of discipline too. Muskurahat has many noble goals for 2018:
  • Since a particular location can only house a limited number of students, Muskurahat wants to open 3 new schools with better infrastructural capabilities
  • These kids have absolutely no exposure to the world functioning on technology. Muskurahat is very keen on investing their acquired funds on computers to build computer skills in every child.
  • Invite motivational speakers and teachers with special skills to host classes
  • Run completely by volunteers, Muskurahat needs Social Workers and a few full-time employees that remain with the NGO in the years to come.
On the flipside, there are still many kids that don’t receive an education. Many started doing labor for meager sums and are not able to keep up later on in their teens. Education would only be a dream. Muskurahat is looking to change this by giving every child the education it deserves.

A kid running barefoot

With additional schools and equipment being a priority, Muskurahat is looking for support from individuals to attain their goals. They need your support and kindness to educate Asalpha, bridge the opportunity gap for underprivileged children and help them grow, not as students, but as individuals. 

Help Muskarahat Foundation educate Asalpha and change the lives of these children. 
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16th July 2018

The funds were used to do water-proofing in the new Anganwadi which included Rain shed, plastic covering, leakage fixing and electric fixtures. More funds will be used to install fans, lights and furniture at the place. We will keep you updated. Thank you for such an amazing response!

26th June 2018

Thank you for the support. We have raised the target to more 25,000 to improve ventilation and storage facilities at the slum school.

22nd June 2018

Thank you for the immense support you all have given to this campaign. We are raising the goal to 2,75,000 to help us reach out to more kids and more communities.

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