Gift Excellent Education to 220 Kids in Pudupet!

Dr APJ Abdul Kalam said “The best brains of the nation may be found in the last benches”.
But what if we told you that some of Chennai’s best brains may be found in slums of Pudupettai, Central Chennai?
Yup! The children of Corporation school Goyathope, Pudupettai are an eager bunch of children waiting to unleash their potential to the fullest. They love to learn, explore, stumble, get back to their feet and learn again! They have already taken part in sports, drama, music and dance! A few of them are gearing up for a national level Math Test.
These Champions have ALL it takes to go places, to see the world, to become the best versions of themselves.
All except for enough finances.
These kids, living in one-room houses, some even in shacks come from socially and economically downtrodden backgrounds. Their family incomes are not stable. Every month, when it is time to pay their school fees, they are faced with the unhappy question “Will I be able to attend classes this month?” Sometimes, they cannot afford new notebooks and pencils. Other times, their parents refrain from telling them that it’s their birthday because they cannot see themselves buying new clothes and toffees for their children.
And then just a few hundred metres away from this, lives a community where children have all that they need and more. Their parents can afford to send them to extra classes for cricket, football, art, dance, engineering and medical entrance exams and what not!
Such inequality!
As Fellows with Teach for India, working as teachers at this school, we believe that this is unfair and that where a child comes from should not determine where they can go.
Can we do something about this? Can we give these children a little something from our wallets?
A little something that makes a whole world of difference to them
A little something that can go on to create many a gem
A little something that nourishes their talent,
Gives them some encouragement,
Helps them fly high and
Reach the zenith of excellence..
Because excellent education is for ALL!
Be the change-makers our world needs!
Be the doer of good deeds!
Help us raise funds for our kids!
Please contribute to our cause in whatever little way you can and empower our children to realise their dreams! They have skills and talents in abundance! All that that has to be done is channelizing their talent in the right direction.
Please feel free to contact us.
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25th June 2018


“Wings to fly” is a competition conducted by Rotary Club of Madras East (RCME) in association with Greater Chennai Corporation. It is aimed at testing students’ scientific temper and the winners of the competition will get a chance to fly to National Aeronautics and Space Association (NASA) in the United States of America. Students from Grade 6 to Grade 9 from CHS Goyathope participated enthusiastically in the first round, which was 15 marks MCQ test.

Students who performed outstandingly in the first round were taken to the next level conducted at Amma Arangam Chennai, among which 6 students were from CHS GOYATHOPE. After the second round, 32 students were shortlisted for the final round in which Reshma Kumari from class 7A CHS Goyathope was one of them.      

In the final round, students were expected to design and present a working model of a project of their choice. Reshma kumari, a passionate science student had chosen “how does a Wind meter work?” with interest to learn more about astronomy and weather prediction.

Students and guides worked for about 10 days to design the project prototype and the working Model. All the 32 students were given a space to set up a stall at Anna Arangam. All the 32 projects were presented to 8 Different judges from IIT, Corporates. Students were graded based on parameters like presentation, Articulation, Project Ownership.

Out of the 32 finalists, 8 students were chosen as winners and Reshma Kumari from CHS Goyathope is one of the winners!  She will be flying to NASA to explore a new world of science!

The success is a result of hard work from the School, Guide, and student, This Achievement has made us really proud!

Your Contribution is being used to provide her basic necessities like a travel bag, shoes etc,
17th April 2018
We Thank you for your Continued support. We are very proud to Announce that Reshma Kumari P S a student from class 7 has won the "wings to fly" competition and she is flying to NASA to explore a new world of science! Rotary club of Madras east is taking care of all the expenses. We are using the donation to arrange the basic necessities for the travel like bag, cloths, shoes etc, 
21st January 2018
Dear Supporters,

Thank you for your support!

We are now setting up a sustainable structure to provide healthy breakfast for the students.

Disengagement of students during lessons has always been a major challenge for teachers. After thorough research, we concluded that insufficient food has led to hunger. Kids are often seen eating junk food (chips etc) during class hours. Hence, our project is aimed at providing healthy breakfast to children, while investing parents by making them aware of the necessity for breakfast. A healthy student will be able to perform better not only in academics but sports and other extra-curricular as well.

 Thus, we believe that a direct relationship exists between a healthy diet and enhanced student outcomes. The idea is to set up community breakfast centre where different stakeholders would come together to prepare healthy breakfast according to a nutritious diet plan.

Also, we are very proud to announce that Reshma Kumari P S, a student from class 7, has won the "wings to fly" competition and she is flying to NASA to explore a new world of science! Rotary club of Madras east is taking care of all the expenses.

We are using the donation to arrange the basic necessities for the travel like bag, clothes, shoes, etc.

Please keep supporting us.

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