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I am fundraising to help poor and needy students to get educated and earn sustainable livelihood
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Why am I fundraising?

The Problem:

Meet Ashish, a small town lad with big dreams of being a civil servant one day. His father is a daily wage labourer who works day and night to make ends meet for a family of five. Being a brilliant student, he has nourished a single dream to be an IAS officer. Hailing from a small village of Madhya Pradesh, quality education and competitive environment were far within reach. His friends and relatives helped him complete his graduation, where he passed out as the topper of the university. After passing his exams in flying colours, he set his sight on Delhi to pursue his dream of being a civil servant. His father had to sell his home to fund his travel and education in Delhi. Yet, the money was too little for him to get his desired education. He has to work in a coaching institute in Delhi for a paltry amount to get access to lectures, reports, magazines and books. Lack of funds keeps useful text and costly quality books miles away from the competent guy. Technology and internet are never within his reach in spite of being an essential part of his curriculum.

This is the story of not one Ashish, but many young and aspiring students who come from small towns and interiors of India, who dare to dream big and can accomplish; but lack of funds force them to discontinue their study. Lack of a professional degree and endless competition makes these graduates take petty jobs for survival and they are unable to come out of the trap. The boy who had the potential to take up a white collar job had to be satisfied with domestic help kind of jobs for the rest of their lives.

The current situation:

Being a small town guy myself who come from an average middle class family, I can understand the problems of these brilliant economically weaker section students who could have achieved big but lack of funds keeps them confined within a small boundary. I’ve been trying to identify and provide financial assistance to shape up the careers of these hard working students for the past couple of months. Some of my friends are even pouring in their help towards this noble cause now. We have been providing books, tuition-fees, shelter, medical and financial security to these students in Delhi. We have been helping out needy student who dares to dream and achieve; so that at least monetary issues do not crop up in shaping their desired careers.

Roadmap ahead:

For the past few weeks, we were in the process to find out solution to their suppressing problems. We came to know that most of these students live in a single room shared by many and do not have a proper infrastructure to read and learn. In addition, they lack money to buy quality reads and do not have access to technology. We have now planned to move further and give wings to dreams of these students by providing them with a basic infrastructure and quality reads in the form of a student eccentric self-sustainable library. This library will come up in north Delhi, which is a student’s hub. Economically weaker section students, who want to study for UPSC, SSC, Bank PO’s, clerks and various other jobs can avail the facilities. Needless to mention, technology will play an integral part, where they will be able to keep themselves updated via various mediums like internet, journals, reports and e-books. This library will be beneficial for the economically weaker section students who would not get additional burden to buy costly books, quality reads, magazines, reports and journals. They would also get a ready infrastructure which they will be able to use as per their needs. In addition, we will continue to help poor and needy brilliant students with food, shelter, medical facilities, jobs and various other study related needs.

We need around 8-9 lacs for the library to come up. This includes rented space, electricity fittings, furniture and racks, office boy, books, magazines and other study related material, computers, internet and meeting other technology requirements. We plan to chip-in 2 lacs ourselves and for the rest 6-7 lacs, we are looking for funding from generous people like you. Come on India, we need your help in fulfilling the goals of these poor and needy aspirants who dare to dream. Play your part in shaping up the dreams of these aspirants.

What do I plan to do with the funds?

We plan to help students in two ways:

  • Building a technology driven student eccentric self-sustainable library where even the poorest of the poor will be able to get his hands laid on the resources which were, till now, inaccessible to these low income family guys. We will build a complete library infrastructure with a repository of important texts, press releases, journals, magazines and books. Funds will be utilised to create all the necessary infrastructure and amenities.
  • In addition, we will continue identifying and giving monetary benefits like books, tuition-fees, shelter, medical and financial security to the economically weaker section and various other backward section students. This will help these students in easing the burden off their shoulders who otherwise are unable to gather all these necessary resources.


Q. How will you utilise the funds?

A. The funds will be utilised in setting up a brand new library in north Delhi region. Being a student majority area, this will be the place where the needy student can have access to the necessary resources.

Q. How will we get updates?

A. Anyone can get updates via this page where we will be putting the details of the expenditure.

Q. Can a middle class or rich student avail the facilities of the library?

A. Yes, the library will be open for all. The rich and middle class students will have to pay a fee so that the library can be made self-sustainable.

Q. Why do you want rich and affluent students to avail the facilities?

A. We want to make a self-sustainable model of the library so that maximum students get the benefit. If no-one in the library will pay to avail the amenities, the funds will soon be exhausted and it will be very difficult to meet the daily expenses and keep the library running.

Q. Can we join your library?

A. Yes, anyone who wants is welcome to come, see, feel and join our purpose. In addition, anyone who contributes more than 15000 will be given a permanent member status. If your contribution exceeds 25000, two of your family members will be permanent.

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