Celebrate Diwali With A Little homework!

Hi, my name is Trishala and I'm a Teach for India 2016 fellow teaching 120 8th graders in Anjali English Medium School, Wadgaon Sheri, Pune. The class I teach is at a critical point in their academic lives where according to the Maharashtra State Board, no child can be failed till 8th Grade, but if they fail the final exam of 8th Grade, they are not promoted any further.
This year our endeavour is to make sure that all our 120 kids pass the 8th grade Govt. Baseline exam in May, 2018. This goal stands in the face of obstacles like 40 children cannot read 8th grade text and 25 can't read a Grade 4 text.

Most of these children drop out of schools after failing the 8th grade exam.

With such odds, holidays are our worst enemies as children below Reading Level 5 drop at least one reading level within 15 days, which is why we provided them customised homework sheets that I have planned for them exclusively for the entire holiday so they don't lose touch with their own progress.

What do I need funds for:
120 children. 12 days holidays. 1 reading comprehension exercise for each day of 20 pages each at 0.80re/page = 23, 040.
I need your help to make sure that these children reach their reading level goals for this year and lack of funds in the classroom doesn't become a hurdle for them.

1 of the 12 passages printed for them. The H.W. is under "Connections"
1 of the 12 passages printed for them. The H.W. is under "Connections"
Writing is essential to improve English Comprehension. Hence the H.W.
Writing is essential to improve English Comprehension. Hence the H.W.
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16th October 2017
Dear Supporters,

Here is an update about the campaign.

Q. What is holiday homework?
A. Holiday homework are assignments that we, as educators, give out for a longer duration eg. Diwali holidays, Ganpati holidays, winter vacation and summer break.

Q. Why holiday homework?
A. The primary purpose of the holiday homework is NOT to to keep kids busy during holidays too but actually, to make sure that the kids don't lose touch with their reading and writing levels (find out more about reading levels here!)  over a period of time. It's also to make the kids more self - reliant and independent with regards to their own education when they learn how to tackle assignments without the physical availability of the teacher.

Q. Why not assign homework from their prescribed textbooks?
A. Textbooks are not designed for children below grade levels. Since they cater to a grade eg - Mathematics for Grade 8 will not cater to a child who is not reading at a Grade Level 8 because he can't even read and understand his textbook, this ends up frustrating the child and make him hate studying. These texts are levelled according to the child's current reading level and simultaneously pushing him to move to higher one. Thus, the child not only reads and understands but also feels the achievement that he can finally read something on his own and gain new information, in return motivating himself to read more!

Q. Why push the kids to do so much when they can use the time to relax?
A. The kids we teach are facing the problem of 'gap to grade' i.e. how far behind they are from reading their ideal grade level texts which is why we push them to read more, explore more and write more!

Q. How is this fund helping this process?
A. This particular fund actually helps me with getting the prints that I need per child - 120 kids. I've assigned 15 days worth of assignments, one writing assignment per day which precludes a reading piece, on which, the writing assignment is based.
I would love for you guys to go through one such reading pieces that I'm including below. The assignment is on the cover page itself under the heading 'Connections'. You can also see that this (like all the other 14) is a levelled book i.e. Level Z2.  You can find other Levelled books here!

Thank you for your support and love.
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