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Digital Classroom With Indian Sign Language To Deaf Students
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Use of Indian Sign Language (ISL) for the Deaf Students in Digital Classroom
(E-learning  only special for Deaf Students )

     In India, there are so many Schools / Colleges, some run by Government, some by Private as well as NGOs with eye on governmental grants and aim at motivating profit rather than aim of improving the communication skills of deaf students. Such class are available  from Grade KG to Grade XII. There are also Special Teachers for Deaf. Instead of using ISL they use mostly orator method while teaching the subjects / lessons to Deaf Students, which the student rather than understanding the subject clearly, creates confusion in their mind. Such classroom setting are recommended to communicate with child orally and same mantra of aural and oral is followed the parents / caretakers of Deaf. As it is known that normal development of spoken language is obscured by Use of sign language.  Really, Deaf means who cannot hear. Their sense use by sharply their a pair of eyes. Due to lack of visualization and obscured by Use of Sign language henceforth, bad effects to them so many which arises the following problems.

*Increase Frustration.

*Provides a close window into their world.

*Deprives relationships.

*Decrease self esteem.

*Defiles language and listening skills.

*Decrease their IQ.

*Difficulty to facilities bilingual learners.

     Conversely, Research conducted by sign linguistics has led teachers and educators to re-evaluate the role of sign language in developing deaf literacy in written and spoken language in classroom learning environment, believed that it is the most effectual means of achieving higher level of deaf literacy and curriculum knowledge which uses mostly their sense of eyes.

In this connection, as we know that there is no such facilities for Deaf students. We have deeply studied the problem by collecting  some information by a team led by Mr. Dhananjay S. Jagtap who is totally deaf and one eyed person and surveyed this analysis and discovered and installation Indian Sign Language in Digital Classroom (E-learning) and also put Subtitle, Lip reading and provide this device to various Deaf schools and NGOs after proper guidance to Principals and field level Teachers. He has been already dealt with Next Education Company who manufacturing the digital devices.

The Demonstration in workshop which taken at Pune on 20th April 2018.

1) Hon. Mr.Anil Shiroleji, MP, Pune and Member of Parliament (Loksabha).
2) Hon. Girishbhau Bapatji, Ministry of Food and Civil Supplies, Government of Maharashtra.
3) Hon. (Mrs). Madhuritai Misal Madam, MLA, Parvati, Pune.
4) Hon. Mr. Ashoksheth Godseji, President, Shrimat Dagadusheth Halwai Ganapati Trust, Pune.
5) Hon. Mr.Ruchesh Jaivanshiji (IAS), Commissioner of Handicapped, Government of Maharashtra.
6) Hon. Navathan Jagtapji  (IAS), Assistant Charity Commissioner, Government of Maharashtra, Pune.
7) Hon. Mr. Ravidnra Jagtapji, (IAS), Agriculture Parishad, Government of Maharashtra.
8) Hon. Shri Rajendra Jagtapji, C.E.O., Pune Smart City, Pune.
9) Hon. Dr. Shri Sunil Jagtapji, President, Doctor Cell, Maharashtra State, Pune
10) Hon. Shri Rajendra Jagtapji, C.E.O., Pune Smart City, Pune.
11) Hon. Shri  Sanjay Jagtapji, President, Pune District Congress.
12) Hon. Shri Babasheth Misal, General Secretary, Bhartiya Janta Party, Pune City
13) Hon. Dr. Milind Bhoiji,  President, Bhoi Foundation, Pune.
14) Hon. Mrs. Kalyani Mandake Madam, Secretary, Suhad Mandal, Pune.
15) Hon. Shri Harisha Pardeshiji, President, Bhajap Parvati Matdar Sangh, Pune
16) Mr.  Sunil Sahastrabuddhe, Vice President, All India Federation of the Deaf, New Delhi.
17) Hon. Mr. Anand Chhajedji, President, Deep Global Society and MLC (Congress Committee), Bopodi,
18) Shri Deepak (Aba) Mauli Shirvalkar, Treasurer, Deep Global Society, and Secretary, Bhajap Parvati Matdar Sangh, Pune

       Sign Languages Interpreter and All Principals and Teachers from all various special school for Deaf were attended. During this workshop, all seems were very impressed of this project and requested to demand this device and to use in their special school for Deaf. They opined that it will be very useful and improvement rapidly the quality education for Deaf and awareness of language and communicative sensitivity, higher score in various academic test than their monolingual counterparts.

Details of Photos and Sakal Newspaper shown in the following :-

SAMPLE:-  The sample as demonstration of Digital Classroom with Sign Language and Subtitle (Captioning) special for Deaf  may please see in the following :-

SAMPLE (ONE) (1)  :-  
Grade     :-   Grade VI (CBSE Board)
Subject   :-  Chemistry

SAMPLE (TWO) (2)  :- 
Grade    :- Grade VI (CBSE Board) -
Subject :-  Civics

SAMPLE (THREE) (3)  :-
Grade VI (CBSE Board) -
Sub:- Physic, Electricity & Circuit Electric Conduct

Which refer to above mentioned 3 Samples, if installation making Indian Sign Language which discovered by Mr. Dhananjay Jagtap in Digital Classroom in connection with Deaf students, it will gets more merits which given in the following bullet points:-

It reduces frustration:-
Begin to sign, they can begin to tell you what it is that they want or need. Their grunts and points no longer have to be interpreted.

It increases self esteem:-
Signing Deaf students can become a part of the conversation, they can “tell” you something and you will actively “listen”. They get constant recognition and immediate feedback.

It enriches languages and listening skills:-
Students who were exposed to signing tended to talk earlier and to build a vocabulary quicker than their non-signing counterparts.  Words which were combination of sounds before, now take on a more tangible meaning. Once they can say the word they tend to drop the sign (Which is quite sad when they all go).

It provides a window into your child’s world :-
Once kids starts signing, you are told what they can see, hear, remember, think or feel. Their understanding and associations are enlightening.

It increases their IQ:- 
Children who had signed will be more scored  than the children in the non-signing control groups.

It enriches relationships:-
As the interaction between the child and the parent/caregiver is more active and understood, there is a definite element of trust, empathy and understanding.  Each party feels more valued and the number of negative / frustrating interactions are lessened.


Digital Education with Sign Language, Subtitle and Lip Reading takes a person towards a meaningful direction in life especially and improvement quality of education for Deaf community.

Need Requirement Manpowers:-

To create Sign language in connection with various academics from Grade KG to Grade XII in Maharashtra State Board and CBSE Board (Central Board Secondary Education)
Professional in Sign Language Interpreters (Outsourcing).
Master Trainer (To testify Sign Language Interpreters (Outsourcing).
Studio (Shooting, Editing, Etc).
Attendants (Outsourcing).

Making Subtitle (Captioning) in English Language and Local Language from completion of Sign language of Grade KG to Grade XII

 Interpreter Sign Language (Outsourcing)  and Master Trainer (Outsourcing) to provide training of sign language to Principals and Teachers also Students for ONE YEAR

Professional in Sign Language (2 nos) for ONE YEAR
Master Trainer in Sign Language (2 nos) for ONE YEAR

4200 hours in approximately in which including from Grade KG to Grade XII. We will have to call More manpower as outsourcing so that get absolutely save our time and quickly implementation of our project.

Budget :-
Rs. 4500 PER HOUR  So that, 0verall Total 4200 HOURSin approximately for 60 Days.As attached with analysis at bottom of page and Provide Training to Principals / Special Teachers for 365 days or 1 year.

Utilization Certificate:- 
It will be submitted to you as soon as we receive it from Authorised Charted Accountant after End of Financial Year.

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