Help Dattaram, who is bedridden for 11 months, get back on his feet

Dattaram Mohite is a 55-year-old man who lives with his wife, Manda, in a small room located in Sai Nagar, Kandivali West. He experienced an unexpected ache in his stomach in June 2016 which led to an operation. He successfully underwent a hernia surgery in July at Paras Nursing Home. However, the surgery had an effect on his heart and he had to be rushed to Lifeline Multispeciality Hospital, where he stayed for 3 days. 

Jagdish, son of Dattaram’s sister, played an instrumental role in supporting his uncle. The expense of the hernia surgery along with the medicines (for 6 months) came around INR 200,000 – 250,000. Along with the contribution of a few visitors, Jagdish bore a major chunk of the expenses.

Who knew that the recovery phase will come along with so many challenges?

After the operation, Dattaram was put on medications. The consumption of heavy medicines deteriorated his health – he suffered with mouth ulcers, a poor diet intake, and worst of all, the problem of haemorrhoid. This caused a lot of blood loss. 

He defecates and micturates in the room as the washroom is 2 minutes away and his wife fears that he may fall due to weakness or could faint because of the heat outside.

“My husband has been consistently working for more than 35 years in a manufacturing company. Ten years ago, he even lost his index finger of the right hand working on a thread machine. In so long, his wage did not rise above INR 7500. Due to sickness, he is unable to resume work. Neither did we receive a single rupee from there for his treatment, nor heard from them in the last 10 months.” 

He was gradually recovering. He started walking, increased his liquid intake, etc. The situation became miserable when he caught a hip infection in the last few days of December. He could not lie down as the infection caused pus to form in the joint. On December 31st, he was admitted in Navneet Hi-Tech Hospital, Dahisar. For 25 days, he was treated at the hospital. 

However, due to lack of financial back up, he had to be discharged. His treatment cost came around 70000. He continues to be on medicines which cost around 4000 a month.

Manda cleaned utensils in four houses and made an income of 3000 rupees a month. Since her husband’s health worsened in January, she only works at one house now, earning 700 rupees a month. The couple does not have any child. Manda is the only earning member at present.

“If we go to the nursing home, they charge 800 rupees for the dressing. We are expected to visit the doctor once in a week but for every consultation, the doctor charges a fee of 500 rupees. I cannot afford that,” says Manda.
“I did as much as I could but I feel helpless now as all my savings are drained. With an income of 14000 a month, I have to look after the needs of my parents, wife and a daughter. My mother visits him sometime. He has cried in front of her as he feels lonely and shameful to be so dependent,” says Jagdish, nephew of Dattaram.

Due to a poor diet intake, his blood level is really low. He feels dizzy as he gets up from bed. For him to recover soon, a high intake of fruits and vegetables is very essential. Experiencing such financial hardships, there are days when it becomes impossible for Mangla to buy even a single fruit.

Enclosed within the four walls for almost a year, having exhausted all his savings, Dattaram finds himself in a crestfallen position. Help Dattaram to recover soon and resume work. Contribute to save Dattaram. 

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29th August 2017
Dear Supporters,

Here is an update on Dattaram Mohite's health. His health is improving and he is able to move around slightly. The intense stomach ache which he had earlier has also reduced but the wound is healing at a very slow pace. The swelling also has reduced.

Thank you for all the love and support. Please do share this campaign further with your friends and family. Please do pray for his recovery.

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