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Help This 6-month-old Who Cries Out Of Pain Trying To Fight Death

 “I have only one functional arm, but I have never let it stop me from making a living on my own. My 6-month-old son’s liver is completely damaged and he needs a liver transplant urgently to survive. My earnings are so meagre that it wouldn’t even suffice for registration fees at the hospital,”- Ramesh, father of 6-month-old Dashwanth.

Doctors had told Baby Dashwanth’s parents that his jaundice would ‘just go away on its own

When Ramesh and his wife Indira noticed that their 2-month-old baby’s eyes and body were yellowing, they immediately knew it was not a good sign. They took him to a hospital nearby, but the doctors told them it was nothing to worry about.

“They gave us some medicines and convinced us that it would go away on its own. But he started getting very cranky and the yellowing got worse. We took him to a bigger hospital even though it was beyond our budget. I was expecting bad news but could not take it when Dashwanth was diagnosed with end stage liver disease. My wife and I are living with the fear of losing our son since that day,” - Ramesh

Dashwanth's navel button is enlarged and his tummy is painful to the touch because it is filled with fluid

An emergency surgery was performed when Dashwanth was just 5 months-old, but it failed and brought with it many other problems 

Dashwanth’s liver was not draining bile properly and his bile ducts were getting blocked. Ramesh borrowed money from friends and family, and Dashwanth had a surgery to correct this problem, but it did not help. Instead, his abdomen started getting bigger day by day. His crying spells became longer and more intensified.

“We can only watch helplessly when our baby cries in pain at night. His stomach is filled with fluid and he can’t even turn to one side or move about normally like infants his age. If we lift him when he is crying, he cries even more. I can’t even comfort him because my embrace can hurt his little body. To not be able to take away your child’s discomfort is the worst thing for a mother” - Indira, Dashwanth’s mother.

Today, when Dashwanth tries to drink one mouthful of milk, he vomits it within minutes

Baby Dashwanth gets hungry all the time, but the moment he drinks some milk, he becomes uneasy and irritable

“He cries out of hunger only most of the time. When I nurse him, he drinks up at a stretch. But within 5 minutes, he vomits it all out. His bad liver is making him underweight as well. If we let his liver fail his body for longer, we will lose him. He is getting weaker and no medicine can help him. A liver transplant is the only way my son can win this battle,” - Indira

Ramesh is trying his best to not let his handicap get in the way of saving his son, but is scared that he will run out of time.

“I have been working overtime to try and make some money for my son’s transplant. But I make in the thousands, while we need Rs 20 lakhs. I don’t even have a house of my own. Such a big amount is beyond my reach; I am begging friends and relatives to help me but time is very less. My son is getting sicker by the day. He has stopped drinking milk today. Tomorrow something worse might happen. I don’t know what to do,”-Ramesh, with tears in his eyes.

How you can help

Ramesh is working day and night to try and arrange funds for Dashwanth’s liver transplant, but nothing has worked out so far. He does not have any property that he can mortgage. Sometimes, he is even unable to take Dashwanth for regular check-ups because he is determined to work hard and pay off the dues he has accumulated till now.

“I make only Rs 15,000 in a month. It is barely enough to pay rent and get groceries. I have paid Rs 75,000 at the hospital so far. It is all borrowed money only. Now I have to make Rs 20 lakhs before my son’s condition gets worse. I see his sick, tired face when I leave for work every day. It makes me want to work very hard, but the truth is there is no use. I hope I don’t see my son die before my eyes,” - Ramesh

Your small contribution can help this handicapped father save his baby son
Estimation letter
Estimation letter
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14th August 2018
Dear Supporters,

The final  assessment is  completed and the mother is planned to be the potential donor however after running some tests it was found that his mother needs to lose some weight in order to safely donate for the transplant. Hence Doctor has recommended that after 2 months of assessment a transplant date will be fixed. In the meantime as a back up Dashwanth has also been added to the cadaver list.

We will keep you posted on the status. Thank you once again for your support.


14th May 2018
Dear Supporters,

Thank you so very much for your overwhelming love and support. None of this could've have been possible without you.

Baby Dashwanth is currently at home and doing better than before. He hasn't been vomiting for sometime now, which is a sign of improvement. However, the baby still needs a liver transplant.

The family is scheduled to see the doctor on Tuesday (15th May, 2018) to discuss the procedure. The mother has been identified as a potential donor. The further course of action will be decided soon.

Please keep praying for the baby's well being and hoping that everything goes well. We will forever be grateful to you. Thank you all once again.
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