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I am fundraising to a Seven day project to counter post-flood epidemic breakout in Chennai
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The next 7 days [07/12 (Monday) -14/12 (Sunday)] are very critical for Chennai.

With the recent deluge, there is a very high possibility of an epidemic outbreak due to excessive water stagnation. This page is created to try counter this impact. We are kicking off project Chennai's Silver Lining - To reach out to every nook and corner of Chennai to sanitize it with bleaching powder everyday for the next seven days.

This is going to be a massive undertaking, and this project needs 100's of volunteers from various locations in Chennai.

This is going to be a massive undertaking, and this project needs 100's of volunteers from various locations in Chennai.

Visit  for more details.


Who are you and how are you involved?
We are a bunch of professionals who have got into this project at this time of crisis & raising funds to support the Chennai's Silver Lining initiative. We are in charge of managing the funding updates, and helping out with co-ordination efforts where needed.

What are your needs?
Based on our current estimates, we require about 20 tonnes of bleaching powder for this drive. 

What are your costs?
We have tied up with a super supplier who is helping us procure the raw material at INR 50,000 (USD 750) per tonne. So the current projected need is around INR 10,00,000 (USD 15,000).

Where can I find updates about this initiative?
We are using our facebook page to co-ordinate some of the ground efforts, and we have a signup sheet to recruit new volunteers.

How are you planning to use the funds?
The funds will be spent in procuring bleaching powder and will be distributed to volunteers for sprinkling in different neighborhoods. 

When do you plan to use these funds?
Ideally, these funds would have been used immediately to procure the raw material. Having said that, we also have to take care of the legalities involved in the various steps of this process, and we are trying to go as fast as we can to get this to our team in India.

How do you plan to get these funds to India?
We are currently in talks with a couple of NGOs here in the US to see if they can partner with MMRT42 Foundation in India. Once we identify our overseas partner, we will work with GoFundMe to add them as a beneficiary and will route the funds through them to our team in India.

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