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My 1-year-old Boy Who Has Cancer And Is Just Too Sick To Smile Anymore

"I think Subham knows that something is wrong with him - he barely even smiles any more." – Subham's mother.

Subham is a 1-year-old who was recently diagnosed with a malignant tumour in his right kidney. His father is a daily-wage worker who simply does not have the time to arrange for funds to save his baby.

Subham's cancer is spreading fast and he needs a surgery as soon as possible

Subham is no longer the happy, curious child he used to be

Subham is the only child of Sajal Roy and Mausami Saha – and theirs is a small family who live in the remote village of Joynagar, Tripura. The village is about 65 kms from Agartala – the nearest town. They didn't have much but they were happy.

Unfortunately, their happiness was short lived. Subham developed a lump in his small tummy and ran a high fever. He even passed blood in his urine. His parents were shocked at how suddenly something seemed really wrong with their child.

They didn't have any money so they borrowed from other villagers and took their child to Agartala. There Subham was diagnosed with a tumour in his kidney last month. What is worse is that the tumour is cancerous and Subham's kidney needs to be removed a the earliest to save him.

“Subham hasn't even started dreaming or thinking. He just started walking a few months back. We used to worry that he would stumble and fall. Little did we know that we would spend sleepless nights over saving his life. It is too early for him to suffer this way,” laments his mother.

Subham's stomach is swollen due to cancer

Subham these days spends most of his time in the hospital bed of Sanjevani Hospital, Guwahati, Assam, waiting for an operation as the pain has become unbearable over the past few weeks. Little does he know how much his parents are struggling to arrange the money required for his treatment.

“Our worse fears for our sick child are coming true”

Subham’s father works as a daily wage labourer earning about Rs 5,000-6,000 a month depending on how much work he finds. Even before Subham's illness, it was barely enough to make ends meet. The additional cost of treatment is breaking Sajal's back with worry.  

Subham needs an operation as soon as possible to avoid the tumor from spreading to other organs in his body. The biggest danger in this type of cancer is the cancer spreading and causing multiple organ failure. The family has spent everything they had and their worst fears have come true. Each day's treatment for Subham is a challenge.

“When we left our village, I borrowed from my friends and family. All that money is over and I have nothing left even to sell. All I can do is beg everyone I meet to help me save my child's life,” says Sajal.

Subham is running out of time – how you can help

Subham's right kidney needs to be removed at the earliest and the cost for the procedure is Rs 3.2 lakhs. There is very less time and without a surgery soon, Subham's body will start failing. Subham’s family desperately needs your help in raising the funds for the operation.

Your contribution will give a new ray of hope to an infant’s life.
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7th July 2018
Dear Supporters,
I would like to thank you all once again for your tremendous love and support towards our cause.
Latest update of baby Subham, doctor of  DR.B.BOROOAH CANCER INSTITUTE, Guwahati couldn't induct weekly cycle of chemotherapy as his blood level has come down again, only blood test was conducted and an  injection was given,  so the next round of weekly chemotherapy is on 13th July 2018.
The doctor have suggested us to give good diet to baby subham for his speedy recovery of health.
We are very greatful and thankful to all the donors who have supported us and also convey our message of thankfulness to all the members of Milaap for their support.
We couldn't have come far if we didn't have you by our side.
Please continue to support us and keep praying for his speedy recovery.
We couldn't provide good diet to baby subham because we are always aware for his weekly cycle of chemotherapy and have to arrange some funds in advance even though we know good diet is require for his speedy recovery of health but it's very difficult to manage,  
beacuse we are earning our livelihood as  a daily labourer, as we all know when there is work there is money but when there is no work there is no money.
Be with us
Will keep updating you all
With deep regards

23rd June 2018
Dear Supporters,

Thank you all once again for  all your unconditional love and support towards our cause.
Be with us and get update of baby subham.
Latest update yesterday a blood test was conducted on baby subham but unfortunately weekly induction of chemotherapy coundn't be inducted as subham blood level  has come down but the hospital doctor have fixed for another round of chemotherapy induction date on 27th June 2018.
Please pray for his speedy recovery.
Be with us for latest update.
Will keep posted.

20th June 2018
Dear Supporters,

Thank you all once again for your unconditional love and support towards our cause. May the almighty God bless you all with showers of blessings.
Today it gives me immense pleasure to all in informing you that after a gap of one month we are again going  to take baby subham to Guwahati tomorrow for induction of chemotherapy, because of extreme lack of money we couldn't  take subham to Guwahati for weekly induction of chemotherapy since last one month but toady once again by your tremendous love and support,  we couln't have come this far if we didn't have you by our side. Thank you so much to all dear supporters, we will ever remain faithful and greateful and always ever remember in our heart the supports and love that you have given to us. May the almighty God bless you all with abundant blessings.

Please pray for his speedy recovery.
Will keep you posted.

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