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Preservation Of Art and Culture - CELECT Foundation

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How the funds will be utilized?

1) The funds raised are utilized only for the promotion of arts and forms of arts in the verge of extinction.
2) More than 30 groups of arts and cultural groups across the Malenadu, uttara kannada will be handpicked to participate in the MALENADA UTHSAVA 2017 to bring them to limelight, they will be the direct beneficiaries of the funds raised online in the form of facilitation & sponsorship.
3) The groups will be facilitated and motivated and brought into lime light with press and channel coverage by Shri Kshethra Bangaramakki
4) The complete event cost, commuting, food and accommodation for all groups will be borne by Shri Kshethra Bangaramakki from its own income.
5) Complete fund utilization details will be published for all users donated in details with group name and place.

More Details : (Cultural, Educational, Linguistic, Environmental Centre Foundation)

CELECT Foundation is a charitable trust founded by the young dynamic spiritual leader Shri Maruthi Guruji, the Dharmadhikari of Shri Veeranjaneya Kshethra Bangaramakki, Gerasoppa, and Uttara Kannada District creating an institutional structure for continuously carrying on the various philanthropic activities started and being run by him along with his followers.

Patronization and Promotion Art and Culture.

i) Malenada Uthsava

It started as a biennial festival in 2008 has so far staged more than hundred art forms involving more than six thousand artists both men and women.

ii) Promotion of rare forms of Art

Guruji himself is travelling widely to spot the lost forms of Art or the Art Forms on the verge of extinction and has brought 20 such Art forms to the lime light staging them during ‘Malenada Uthsava’.
Shri Kshethra is continuously engaged in revival of the extinct art forms by motivating younger generation to learn and arranging for their training. Kshetra has even given financial help to the poor people who cannot afford.

iv)Training in performing Arts

Health Care Services

Though the presence of the Kshetra in the health care sector is in initial stages the work being done is very significant from the point of views of its reach to the disadvantages section of the society living remote places.

The activities includes:

i) Health awareness campaign

Health Awareness camps/campaigns are organized so far on diseases like cancer has reached more than a lakh of people of the state. Campaigns are generally arranged during festivals of temple.

ii) Free Medical Checkup camps

Besides the doctors coming from different districts of Karnataka, doctors from Goa and Maharashtra are also offering their services in the camp.

iii) Free Ambulance Service

24×7 free Ambulance service is provided to the sick living in the remote places around Bangaramakki on call from a radius of 210 kilometers for carrying them to the nearly hospitals. More than. thousands person have already availed their benefit of the ambulance service.

iv) Free Medical Camps
v) Dental Camps
vi) Eye Camps
vii) Blood Group testing Camps

Details for direct bank transfer / UPI payments

Bank Account details:

Samskruthi kumbha Malenada Uthsava 2017
Samskruthi kumbha Malenada Uthsava 2017

Details for direct bank transfer / UPI payments

Bank Account details:

Rs.26,002 raised

Goal: Rs.100,000

This campaign has stopped and can no longer accept donations.
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Girish donated Rs.2,500

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