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Help baby Stela fight AML Blood Cancer

Stela is a baby girl that Ashok and Rosa always wanted. This 18 month old baby is the happiest thing that ever happened to the couple and they often refer to Stela as their very own bundle of joy. The family felt complete and it seemed that nothing could spoil this baby's happy and playful nature however things suddenly changed for the family. Stela - this cute little baby was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia. Acute Myeloid Leukemia(AML) is a deadly type of blood cancer. Without treatment one cannot survive.
Stela is their only baby 

Stela's parents married late and she is their only baby. Nothing can explain the joy that her old grandparents felt when they held this tiny baby in their arms for the first time. The baby was growing up healthy, she loved looking and pointing at dogs and cows whenever they passed by the window of their house. Being a very energetic baby, she loves running around and watching music videos on YouTube.

The poor baby needs chemotherapy to survive 

Blood cancer is something that no one deserves. She had started becoming pale. Her haemoglobin and platelet count had decreased but her parents were unable to detect these minute changes that were happening to their poor baby. They believed that Stela's high fever might be because she had started growing her first teeth. When they took her to the doctor, he look worried and further tests revealed that Stela had cancer. But there is still hope. Stela needs chemotherapy sessions and the doctors are positive that she will recover. She does not like doctors giving her injections and is even a little angry with her mother for not stopping them. Her favourite food is yogurt but she now asks her parents to eat it first suspecting that it has harsh medicines added to it. Her parents often cry seeing how much their poor baby has to suffer. However, the only thing stopping Stela from being cured completely is the need of funds for treatment.

The family is struggling to arrange funds for Stela's treatment

Stela's family lives in Delhi. Her mother Rosa is a housewife and Ashok has an online camera accessories business that has just started. They are a middle class family and are struggling to save their baby with the little savings they have. Her treatment requires about 15 Lakh rupees and her father had been trying everything possible to arrange for the funds. The only option left for him now is to ask for your help.

How you can help Stela 

The family was earning enough for a normal life but are now running from pillar to post so that they can save their little baby Stela. They are praying so that Stela will have a normal life that is free from this horrible cancer. Your support and contribution will help family in this difficult time.

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15th October 2016
Good morning

It has been a while since i have updated anything for which i am very sorry - it has been a busy few weeks and overall all the effort put seems to be bearing fruit. Stela has had a very successful bone marrow transplant and post the BMT she has taken the procedure well and is in a fast recovery mode. We are still visiting the doctor on a weekly basis and this will continue for a while. Her blood tests and other related test show positive progression. Even though cancer relapse cannot be ruled out completely but fingers crossed and all the blessing have given us enough hope that we are looking at a long and healthy life for Stela. 

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