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Help the 8-Month Old Baby Girl Raped in Delhi Hospital Bills 1.29.18

An 8-month old child was raped by her 28 year-old cousin on January 29th, 2017 in Delhi. The conditions of her internal organs are described as horrific, she had to undergo 3 hours of surgery. Her cousin had gagged her to muffle her cries. Her mother came home to find her bleeding profusely from her genital area.

Her parents make a meager wage and trusted this cousin (described as a 'youth' despite being 28)  to care for her while they went to work. Swati Maliwal, Delhi Commission for Women chief said the child's cries could be heard throughout the hospital. Imagine how her parents must be feeling.

They will be given only 50,000 rupees by the government for hospital bills. That's only $784.00 US dollars. That's not enough.

Delhi's rape cases grow day by day. India's rape cases grow day by day. Whether you have had a #METOO moment or not - This HAS TO STOP. Please donate what you can. Funds will be given to the mother of the Baby.

Please visit this link on Twitter to learn more about all Swati is doing for this child and women getting raped in Delhi:
Horrifying News
Horrifying News
Swati Tweets Desperate Plea for help for this child.
Swati Tweets Desperate Plea for help for this child.
India outcry after eight-month old baby is raped.
India outcry after eight-month old baby is raped.
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14th February 2018
You heard the cries of an innocent child.
You chose to listen instead of look away.
And that is the way change happens.
By listening to one person.

You didn't just raise $15,000.00.
You helped raise $17,677.00!!!!
666,000 rupees from India! 10,000 dollars from US, Finland, and more!
Thank you so much!
You should be very proud of yourselves!

This campaign was set to end on Valentine's Day so we can show a world of love. Like one of our generous donors said, "May this baby girl grow up to be the strongest woman on the planet."

As far as the many who have asked us for severe punishment of the man*, please look to @SwatiJaiHind on Twitter. I am floored - FLOORED - by what she is trying to do for change in Delhi. Please support her. Please educate the public about safe sex and that sexuality is not a dirty word, the more repressed it is the more rape happens.

 (*My guess is that public shaming would work best against these monsters of men in India so they cannot get jobs or move forward in life and be an example so other men will not do the same, however I am not in Indian government so please look to Swati for the best ideas, she is brilliant, bold, and brave.) Most of all please teach the younger generation of men - your sons, how to be kind to women, how to respect them, how to see them as so much more than 'less than' - a strong, intelligent woman by your side is a great blessing in life, she will be your best friend, she will help you look better than you ever thought, she will be your number one champion as you to her, she will be your place of compassion and security, she is anything but a threat. Treat a flower with kindness and it will bloom - and make you look good.

We all can contribute to change in various places in our lives with the different gifts we have been given. After work I write in my spare time plays about misogyny and how we can overcome it, if you are a painter you can incorporate it into your work, and so on so please do what you can with whatever your gifts are - well all have them. Thank you again, I cannot wait to transfer these funds to the mother.

PS: Some of you have asked about the picture I chose in my icon. I chose Durga. She is the mother of the universe. She, to me, represents ultimate justice. Throughout this entire campaign as we've been collecting I've kept my eye on her and asked for her help, and look how all of you came to help. Please help us, Durga. Please help this baby get justice.


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