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Bring solar lighting to unelectrified communities in India


After sunset, the hamlet of Katra in Uttar Pradesh, India is alive with its shops, and lit houses where children study and mothers work and complete chores. With a loan of Rs. 50,000 crowdfunded by Milaap lenders, they invited Mera Gao Power, which builds, owns, and operates solar micro grids to setup a grid for their village, which had no access to the power grid. After decades of darkness, danger, and poverty, they thrive today with access to high quality, dependable lighting and mobile phone charging services.
Bilei Behera and her family of six similarly work, study, and cook together in Rayagada, Odisha, by the light of their solar lantern. Mahashakti Foundation, a local non-profit, connected her to Milaap. A solar loan helped her buy this lantern. She saves on buying kerosene, her children are safe from burns, and healthier without the toxic kerosene lamp fumes. Living in an area with no access to the power grid, the solar lantern has been a life changer for her family.
Thousands of underprivileged families in rural India can similarly benefit through the adoption of clean energy initiatives, buying solar lanterns, collectively installing their own solar micro-grids, and even adopting clean energy cook-stoves. Non-profits like MLINDA in the remote tribal Sunderbans of West Bengal work with Milaap’s community to help such families to setup their own solar micro-grids. Other partners like WSDS, Mahashakti Foundation, GMF, and DCBS across India connect Milaap lenders like you to help individual homes access solar and clean energy facilities like lanterns and cook stoves. A small loan from you promotes rural livelihoods, prosperity, and health.
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