This Diwali, let's bring light to 100 tribal families in Jharkhand

Every day when the sun sets, 3 small tribal hamlets in Jharkhand dwell in darkness. There is no celebration in the households after the sunset, children cannot study and reaching the nearest hospital at night is nearly impossible. This Diwali, we plan to bring light to 100 families  in these hamlets in Jharkhand.

Dartoli, Jamtoli, Berghertoli tribal hamlets are far away from progress and people there have always lived without electricity and developed infrastructure. Forgotten by their countrymen and governments, they live their lives are without any progress.

When These Tribals Saw Light for the first time

In July 2014, Mlinda and Milaap partnered to bring development to tribal hamlets in Jharkhand, the Santhals and other tribes from Ayodhya hills and the Sundarbans. Mlinda, a non-profit, worked with the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE), The Energy and Resource Institute (TERI), and National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development (NABARD) to install affordable solar grids to supply electricity to the isolated settlements, benefiting over 280 families. 

The word has spread among the tribal families. There are so many more hamlets, families, and children waiting eagerly for a chance at a better future 

This Diwali, Let's Help 100 Tribal Families

100 families will be connected to provide them quality and reliable renewable energy based power for domestic lighting, education and running of irrigation pumps. The project aims for the total electrification of the tribal hamlets. This would provide them quality and reliable renewable energy -based power for domestic lighting, education and productive usage such running of irrigation pumps and rice hullers for their livelihood enhancement.

Matching Your Donations

Milinda will match every contribution through this campaign to reach the need faster and also create maximum impact for your contribution. 
This Diwali, with your support, we can bring light to 100 families in Jharkhand.
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14th December 2016
Dear supporter,

Thank you for supporting tribal hamlets in Jharkhand get electricity. With your help over 100 tribal families have received quality and reliable renewable energy for domestic lighting, education, and running of irrigation pumps.

Tired of spending most of the evenings in darkness,120 tribal families in Dartoli, Jamtoli, Berghertoli and Gumla regions in Jharkhand had got together in their determination to install a solar power grid in the village and improve the quality of their lives with the help of MLINDA. 
With your support, MLINDA was able to expand the capacity and contribute to the complete electrification of these villages and also boost economic activity.
Shops, schools and health care centers now receive electricity. Households receive power at subsidized rates due to the scale of supply with commercial establishments coming under the same microgrid.
Vendors and irrigation units have smart cards to prevent pilferage and control utilization. Paddy-growing farmers who were selling unpolished rice to middlemen at a mere Rs. 10/kg has started using rice hullers which allow them to remove the ‘husk’ from paddy. This husk has its own value. They can now sell this refined paddy at Rs. 30/kg. 
Additionally, irrigation pumps have also benefited from the grid and have been customized for higher efficiency

Your support made this happen. Here's a big thank you from all the families
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