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                                       THE PROJECT                                                    

We are building an online platform to merge all the Blood Banks & Blood donors on a single platform for easy accessibility of blood during emergency.

Our Story
While reading a newspaper, I came across an article about blood wastage in India due to lack of coordination among blood banks and hospitals. I did some research on this issue on the internet and by visiting some blood banks, and found out that there is more to this than only wastage and that there is a major flaw in the blood management system of our country and that leads to various other issues which I will discuss below. So, I decided to make a single platform where we can have all the blood banks and blood donors, so people don't have difficulty searching blood during emergency and can directly request blood online and get it delivered to the patient.

The Problems
We will focus on the three major problems related to blood management in India which are:
  • Shortage of Blood.
  • Lack of Co-ordination among Blood Banks and Hospitals. (Blood Wastage)
  • Infections during blood transfusion. 
1. Shortage of Blood
One of the most pressing concern in India today is the alarmingly high number of death due to lack of availability or shortage of blood despite being a nation of 1.2 billion people.

More than 38,000 Blood donations are needed every day and India faces a shortage of 3 Million units of blood annually. 

So, we need to create awareness among people about the importance of donating blood through blood donation campaigns. Most people in India doesn't donate blood because they think donating blood can lead to complication in our body but they don't know that donating blood has many benefits on our body such as it prevents Hemochromatosis, maintains healthy heart and liver, has anti-cancer benefits etc.
We will create awareness and the need among people about the importance of donating blood. If only 2% of Indian donates blood once in a year, there will be no shortage of blood in India. Also, we will be registering the donors on our website, so the person who needs blood can contact the donor during emergency.

2. Lack of Co-ordination among Blood Banks and Hospitals. ( Wastage of Blood)
You will be amazed to know that on one side we are facing shortage of blood in our country and on the other side we are not even able to supply the available blood to the needy.

Another challenge in blood cycle management is the gap in demand and supply. On one hand 30% of the patients don’t get the components which they are in need of , and on the other hand 10-12% of the components get wasted due to expiry.

6 lakh litres of blood have been wasted in the last five years due to lack of coordination between blood banks and hospitals in India exposing serious loopholes in the nation's blood banking system. The worrying part is that 50 per cent of the wasted units were of plasma, which has a shelf life of one year, much longer than the 35-day deadline by which whole blood and red blood cells have to be used. Maharashtra, which is the only state to have crossed the one-million mark on collection of blood units, also accounted for the maximum wastage of whole blood, followed by West Bengal and Andhra Pradesh.

Our web platform will bring efficient co-ordination among blood banks, hospitals,donors and patients by connecting all the Blood Banks and donors on a single website from where hospitals or the person who needs blood can request blood online.

3. HIV and other infections during blood transfusion.
In India, most of the the blood donations are carried out through camps held by various NGO's and organizations. Then, all the donated blood goes through a testing phase and the safe blood is separated. But, most of the time infected blood can also penetrate this test and results in infecting the patient, most of the time consequences can be fatal.

Going by the report, Uttar Pradesh tops the list with 371 HIV positive cases triggered through blood transfusion, followed by Gujarat (292), Maharashtra (276), New Delhi (264) and West Bengal (135).

This is one of the biggest problem which cant be ignored.  pre-donation health history screening and hemovigilance programme are ways to address the issue.

This makes important to have a centralized platform for blood donors medical history with major diseases which will enable us to eliminate the infected blood from reaching the patients thereby reducing the risk of infections during blood transfusion.

How the website would work?
  • The patient or the hospital who needs blood visits our website and search for the required blood. 
  • The website will show all the details of the nearest blood banks and individual donors available.
  • The patient or hospital will send an inquiry and the blood will get delivered to the hospital.
How we will spend the funds?
Web Development: Rs.1,40,000/- which includes website creation and web hosting and SMS service.
Mobile Application: Rs.1,00,000/- We will develop Android, IOS and Windows mobile applications.
Software for Centralized Donor Medical history: Rs.2,00,000.
Miscellaneous : Rs.40,000/-
We will carry out our project in two phases:
PHASE 1: Web development, App development, Integrating blood banks and individual donors.
PHASE 2: Software for Centralized Donor Medical history.
Dear Supporters,
We request you to support us for this social cause.
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