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Help us raise money 4 awareness towards #HairDonation4CancerSurvivors
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Because giving is not just an act of charity but an act of humanity.
Losing hair can be a nightmare for all of us.
Do you remember the days when you get paranoid about losing a lot of hair? 
It hits your gut, it hits your inner soul & it hits your confidence. The idea scares my soul.
My journey started almost 3 years ago when I first read about Hair Donation by Kids from The United States of America for making Hair Wigs. I was overwhelmed by their act of kindness. I never thought I could be one of them, growing the hair and donating the same. It was a hard decision. One of the hardest for an adult like me. I got my head shaved on June 11, 2015. The last time i got a hair cut or head shave and began my real journey. 
I have grown my hair for past 30 months and I am still growing it. Though i have not measured them but they are nearly 20 inchs. It has been a great journey for me. Growing hair has not only taught me about patience and perseverance but the occaissional hair fall made me more humble and strong, teaching me the pain of those who actually face the serious problem of hairfall. I literally cried when hair fall increased, it shook my soul and limbs. But this made me more closer to the cause of raising awareness towards Hair Donation. 
Also, as an adult man, i realised that how insensitive people can be to people who suffer Alopecia or Baldness and even to Men with Long Hair. 
Personally i suffered emotionally and financially at times when I couldn't work for an assignment because my long hair made me look more Hippy and less Professional. Something which made me think and realise that 'One's competence is often measured by their look and attire instead of their knowledge and integrity.'' 
When I started the journey, I didn't calculate the benefits or probable losses it could cause to me, I just started. And now when I am almost at the end, I realise how much I have gained. Overall these past months have made me more sensitive, humble, patient and KIND. 

It is important to know that my Hair Fall happens during Cancer Treatment or Otherwise and what are we trying to do.
Precisely, Cancer Patients and the Survivors lose hair due to the treatments and radiation. This condition is called ALOPECIA or Hair Loss. When a patient is getting treated for Cancer, it is hard for him and his loved ones to keep up with it. These treatments can cause hair loss by harming the cells that help hair grow. Hair loss may occur throughout the body, including the head, face, arms, legs, underarms, and pubic area. Hair may fall out entirely, slowly, or in sections. Or, hair will simply become thin—sometimes unnoticeably—and may become duller or dryer. Hair loss related to cancer treatment is usually temporary. Most of the time, hair will grow back, although rarely, it may remain thin. And this can lead to losing self-confidence which in turns affects the body responds to the treatment and recovery.
Here we are, trying to raise awareness and sensitivity of towards the need for Hair Donation.
The money that our team is able to raise because of your support will be utilized towards:-
1. Sponsoring a Wig(s) or Hairpiece(s) for Children who are suffering & are getting treated for Cancer and cannot afford to buy the costly wig(s).
2. To document the process of 'Hair Donation', for those who are willing to donate hair for making such wigs by documenting the whole process through photographs to show how one needs to cut their hair to submit for hair donation. It will help us to raise awareness and answer the questions regarding the process of Hair Growth and Donation.
3. To organize Hair Donation drives & campaigns which for raising awareness and collect of Hair for making such wigs.
4. Since Visuals are the most powerful medium of raising awareness so we would put a share of the raised amount to fund a short film for raising sensitivity and awareness towards Hair Donation and Baldness caused due to Hair Loss and Cancer treatment.

Calculation of expenses (Estimated):-
1. Rs 1,25,000 (Approx 50%) towards the Short Film & Documenting Photo Shoot.
2. Rs  37,500 (Approx 15%) towards Hair Donation Campaigns & Drive to raise awareness and sensitivity.
3. Rs 25,000 (Approx 10% - Minimum) will be utilised towards servicing the fees to Milaap Team for giving us the platform to raise the money.
4. Balance (Approx 25 %) towards procurement of Hair Wigs and distribution to Children with Cancer suffering from Alopecia.

Concluding with an open request to each one of you who reads this post, please donate as much as your income allows you and if you cannot donate due to any reason (It's Okay) but share this post with your friends and families. Someone out there battling cancer and alopecia looks up to you.

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