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Adult Autism Assisted Living Village Project
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Why am I fundraising?

To make a world class ADULT AUTISM ASSISTED LIVING VILLAGE on a 23-acre site 65 kms from Bangalore. The perimeter road & fencing work has started.

What do I plan to do with the funds?

Funds raised will go towards immediate priorities

 Adult Autism Assisted Living Project 
  Estimated Cost
 Immediate prioritiesRupees
1Land Levelling5 Lakhs
2Fencing9 Lakhs
3Gate with name, playground3.5 Lakhs
4School block35 Lakhs

What is Autism

Austism is a neuro biological condition that is life long. Children and adults with autism have severe difficulties across a range of areas in adapting to the environment around them, in communicating their needs , in making friends, in occupying themselves appropriately, in playing appropriately, in activities of daily living ( such as brushing teeth, dressing  or bathing) etc. In addition they may have severely restricted interests, have obsessive behaviors, have repetitive behaviors ( such as hand flapping, rocking), display aggressive behaviors such as property distruction , hurting others or themselves ( self injurious behaviors). With trained, scientific and professional care they can show marked improvements in all these spheres and be able to experience a better quality of life than otherwise thought possible.

Autism  is estimated to affect 1 in 88 children (Center for Disease control United States). Developmental pediatricians diagnose nearly 10 kids / week with Autism. There are approx. 1 million children in India affected by Autism across socio-economic strata.

Tell me about Behavior Momentum India foundation and the cause 

BMI Foundation  (like us on ) provides internationally researched intensive behavioral interventions to children with Autism – This is already established and ongoing through sister organisation catering to nearly 250 plus autistic children and families across India. 

BMI Foundation recognises that there is a growing population of young adults whose parents are also ageing and are haunted by the question "what after us".  To address this BMIF has embarked on the Rs. 20 crore Adult Austistic Assisted Living Village project. The mission is to build a state of the art residential facility near Bangalore for adults for life. ( 20 acre land donated near Denkanikottai, Tamilnadu called the ‘Little England’)

The Trustees of the Board are Ms, Smita Awasthi ,Board Certified Behavior Analyst with over 20 years experience in autism, Mr. Manoj Sharma , an Engineer- Entrepreneur and Mr. Sridhar Aravamudhan, Parent of a adolescent child with autism and a Board Certified Behavior Analyst.

We recognise that these prioroities cannot be managed by affected families themselves and we need to enlist support from the larger society. Your generous contributions will go a long way in building a secure and positive life for adults with autism even when their parents are no more around to take care of them. We have a fund raising target of Rs. 53 lakhs and will make sure every rupee donated counts and provide updates on progress and development periodically.

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