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#Bake2Empower - We are fundraising to provide independence to Oppressed Devadasi women



There are an estimated 250,000 girls and women in southwestern India still dedicated to their local temple deities as "Devadasis" (meaning "servant of God"). This ancient and outlawed, yet still prevalent, practice originally gave Devadasis a comfortable life and high social standing, but began to be abused by the rich and powerful. Over the years, Devadasis were forced into prostitution to survive.

We are fundraising to support former Devadasi women to start small businesses like tailoring, rearing livestock, and running small shops. These businesses help them pay their children’s school fees, generate a livelihood for their families, and save for their old age. Becoming entrepreneurs also offers their children a better future, helps integrate them back into society, and eventually break free of the vicious cycle of prostitution that most Devadasis are doomed to.

'The Bake Collective' is an informal group of individuals that fundraise for various social causes by organizing bake sales, and this time, we wish to do the same to empower the Devadasi women. Our initial target is to raise 60,000/- to help support 3 women become independent. All additional funds will be used to support additional women.

UPDATE 29 April 2015

This campaign is now closed.

TBC has moved onto supporting relief work towards Nepal Earthquake Survivors.

Please click on this link for more info:

Who we are helping

Manjula Purandar Kamble
Savanka Tammani Aihole
Pulabayi Sidram Kalloli
Sukhadevi Prakash Mang
Nagavva Shivaling Kalloli
Bayakka Appanna Mang

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Veena lent Rs.1,400
almost 3 years ago

Appreciate what you gals are doing.....:))))

Goncalo lent Rs.1,000
almost 3 years ago
prajyot lent Rs.2,000
almost 3 years ago

Great Initiative! Keep it up :)

Heeru lent Rs.5,000
almost 3 years ago

Awesome initiative, girls.. We hope our little contribution will help empower women to better their lives.

Goncalo lent Rs.2,021
almost 3 years ago
One97/Paytm lent Rs.5,000
almost 3 years ago

Matching payment towards Amith’s contribution