This 80-year-old Has The Will To Fight, With Your Help She Can Win

Bajjamma is a 80-year-old from Bangalore who has a fracture in her hip-bone. The fracture has left her unable to walk and even stand on her own - severely restricting her life. She is great pain and she needs a surgery to recover and stand on her own feet now.

She is her grandson's only link to his father

Indian mythology holds that the death of a child is the most profound, painful loss of life. Bajjamma has lived through the loss of not one but four of her children. Honne Gowda, Naveen's father was her eldest. He died 18 years back leaving behind his wife Shivamma and 1-year-old child Naveen.

Bajjamma is confined to her bed after her fall

Naveen was always his grandmother's favourite, managing to coax many stories from her. She told him stories of magical creatures, Gods and even all that his father got up to as a child. It provided him a sense of connection with his father.  

Shivamma works as an attendant in a hospital and earns Rs 8,000 per month. She has worked very hard to make sure her son got an education and they had enough to eat. Bajjamma stayed at home and took care of cooking. After the injury, she seems to have lost her spunk. 

“She used to be very energetic. But ever since she has fallen down, she has become very sad that she can't move. Maybe it is how she felt useful and needed. We tell her it is good to rest but she is feeling a bit lost,” says Naveen. 

Bajjamma with her grandson Naveen and daughter-in-law Shivamma

A treatment that failed

Because Shivamma worked at a local hospital, at first, she took Bajjamma there for treatment. She took loans from Honne Gowda's siblings' families for her treatment spending over Rs 30,000 on her treatment. Unfortunately, it has not helped Bajjamma's fracture and she is still unable to move. 

She needs a surgery that will fix the Bajjamma's femur securely in the hip joint. The surgery will cost the family Rs 1.5 lakhs and it is an amount that Shivamma cannot manage to raise on her own. Your contribution will give this small family hope that they are not alone and helpless in the world.

How you can help
Bajjamma has always led an active life dedicated to helping everyone around her. She still has the spirit and joy to fight her fracture and do much more with her time on earth. 

Your contribution will help Shivamma and Naveen get Bajjamma on her feet again.
Estimation letter
Estimation letter
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29th December 2017
Dear Supporters,

Thank you for all the support you have shown Bajjamma. Bajjamma who is 80 years who had a hip fracture needed a hip replacement but fortune was not with her. It was very difficult for her to even to rise from her bed and the family refused her treatment.

Jayamma is a 65-year-old lady who lives in a small town called Kanakapura. She lost her husband more than 18 years back. She lives with her son Girish. Girish runs a small petty shop in front of the house and they live a hand to mouth existence.

Jayamma developed Headache last week, 25th December 2017 and consulted the local doctor. The local doctor advised her a pain killer and they thought it is nothing but a simple headache. The headache persisted the next day and then she lost orientation which alerted the family members to take her to Bangalore for higher treatment. By then Jayamma lost consciousness.

On examination, it was found Jayamma had a bleed in her Brian. She needed an emergency surgery. The hospital had to take her up for surgery to save her life. The surgery was immediately done and now she is in the ICU for at least a week.

The total cost of treatment is expected to be 3 lakh rupees. Jayamma needs this amount immediately to continue her treatment and get back to her normal life. The funds raised via this campaign will be used towards Jayamma's treatment.

Dr. Sanjeev Kumar
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