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Support Children to live with their father .
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Story of Bachhaipur

I would like to share a story of village Bachhaipur, which is located in Basti District of eastern Uttar Pradesh. Bachhaipur is well connected with roads and around one and half Kilometer away from NH- 28 (Lucknow to Gorakhpur). But this national highway is unable to bring any kind of help to the lives of downtrodden villagers.

Socio-Economic fabric of the village

Most of the villagers are earning their livelihood by farming. But farming is not sufficient to run their family therefore most of young people have migrated from village to Mumbai and Delhi to work as labourer. Their children wait for whole year to see their father. Their wives wait for the festivals, not because they don't have money to celebrate but only to see the faces of their husband, who is able to come only once in a year.  Old grand parents tell the stories about the childhood of their kids, who are now miles away and unable to take care of them.

Glorious past of Communal Harmony

Around 1000 people of various cast and community are living together for years. The ratio of population in the village is equal as far as Hindu & Muslim is concerned.  I remember the time when some organizations decided to erect the temple of Lord Ram in Ayodhya and huge tension erupted in nearby areas. One evening villagers got information that some people of nearby village decided to attack in the night. All the villagers of Muslim community decided to sleep in the homes of Hindus.

Poor and illiterate Hindus and Muslims are living together and supporting each other. Hindu participates in moharram and eat Malida (kind of sweet made by flour) & play drums daily during festival, participate in tazia ceremony. Muslims offer Sivai (dish) to Hindus and Hindus give sweet on Diwali. A member of each Muslim family goes to funeral of Hindu to Ayodhya to pay last tribute. Elders from each family goes to Kabristan (place where Muslim dead bodies are buried) for same reason.

Just a Tractor could bring a transformation

To add misery in the lives of villagers, green fields are turning into barren lands as young hands have left homes to earn money.  Lean shoulders of elderly  and physically weak ladies are unable to carry forward  farming. Youths are caught in a vicious cycle, if they come back to village, they will loose their regular income and if they don’t their fertile land might be lost forever. 

Technology could offer them a help i.e. a tractor. But it will be impractical to imagine that these labourers will ever be able to purchase a tractor.   The Bachhaipur has one tractor and the owner is charging Rs. 600 to Rs. 1000 per hour. Thus this is a endavour to raise fund in order to transform the socio-economic condition of 67 families of the village. The tractor would be a fortune-maker father, a bread earner brother or a helping husband in disguise.



Proposed project to purchase a tractor and necessary accessories like trolly, cultivator and other farm equipments will transform the lives of the whole village. The cost of tractor and accessories would be around Rs 5 Lakh and a trolley, a cultivator, a harrow, a thresher and a rotavator would cost around three lakh more.  Money should be sent directly to the company or dealer to purchase the tractor.

The management of tractor will be done by a committee of women of all families of Below Poverty Line. A team of four women, one Brahmin, one muslim, one OBC and one SC will look after the booking. The booking will be done by a booking register.

Two people from the village will be given the charge to operate the tractor. The Expense of fuel (Tractors normally consume 2.5 liter of diesel) would cost Rs150 and Rs. 20 for driver.  Rs 10 would be charged for maintenance. Therefore total charge would be levied for using tractor for one hour is Rs 180/-.


The cost of farming would be decreased.

The number of crops per year also will be increased.

Land, which is not in use for farming, will be utilised for farming.

The tractor will connect the people of village and they can grow by helping  each other.

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