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Without Surgery In 24 Hours, This 2-Year-Old Will Lose Her Life

We just have one day to save our baby girl’s life. For the last 6 months, she has spent every day in pain. Her stomach hurts so much, that on some days, she just lays on the floor, screaming and crying. I hug her tight to comfort her and tell her she will be fine, but nothing I do can ease her suffering. Now, only urgent surgery can save our Sadaf, but with barely 24 hours left for the surgery, we’re still struggling to find a way to afford it.”  - Shayesta, Baby Sadaf’s mother.

If there’s anything that brightened up Shayesta’s day, it was baby Sadaf’s (2) beautiful smile. But it’s been months since this distraught mother has seen her baby smile. Now, when Sadaf isn’t crying out in pain, she’s begging Shayesta to take her back home from the hospital. Every night, Shayesta stays awake worrying about what the next day will bring for her little one. Sadaf’s condition is getting worse with time. Without surgery tomorrow, she won’t make it.

Sadaf can’t eat or sleep because of the excruciating pain in her stomach

Baby Sadaf has an obstruction in her bile duct because of which she can’t digest food, or even eat solid food anymore. The obstruction is severely affecting her liver, and without surgery, Sadaf will suffer complete liver failure or worse, death.

We took her from our home in Bihar to Delhi by train, and throughout the journey, I held her in my arms. Along with the unbearable pain, the swelling in her stomach was only increasing. She had stopped eating altogether and would manage to drink a few sips of milk and water. We later found out that the severe stomach pain was caused by her blocked bile duct. We had never heard of this condition before, but we were relieved that at least now she can get the right treatment.”

However, baby Sadaf will only make it if her parents can afford the life-saving surgery that she needs tomorrow. 

With one day left to get surgery, her parents are running out of time and money to save her

Shayesta and Ashraf find themselves helpless. They’ve spent their savings to get her tests done so far, but the surgery is beyond their means. With no time to waste to save their daughter’s life, they’re doing everything they can to stay strong and somehow find a way to afford the surgery. Unfortunately, they’re falling short.

My husband works in a small shop back in our hometown, and ever since we’ve come here, he hasn’t been able to go for work. We’ve spent our days in and out of the hospital for her tests, but now we’re running out of time to save her. I want to save my baby and take her back home. We’re doing all we can, but it's not enough. We don’t have a way to afford the surgery in such a short time.”

How you can help

Sadaf needs a surgery to remove to the obstruction in her bile duct tomorrow. Without this, her liver and life are in danger. Shayesta and Ashraf are desperate to save their precious baby girl, and watching her slip away before their eyes have left them helpless and heartbroken. Little Sadaf needs your help to survive this terrible disorder.

Clinical Summary
Clinical Summary
Estimation letter
Estimation letter
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14th August 2018
Dear Supporters,
Thank you all for your support.

Baby Sadaf was discharged from the hospital. At present she is on normal diet, hydration is adequate and the wound is clean. Overall she is doing well and the parents are extremely happy to have her home.

Doctors have suggested regular follow ups for her.

This couldn't have been possible without the support of you all, thank you so much.

Dr. Sujit Chowdhary 
6th August 2018
Dear Supporters,

Thank you so much for the support you have shown towards baby Sadaf. We would like to inform you that Sadaf underwent the surgery successfully and is now in the ICU care. She will remain in ICU care for another 2 weeks in order to recover.

We  could not have done this without your support.

Mr. Bhandari

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