This 1-year-old needs an open heart surgery to live

1-year-old Sheik Majarul Ali is suffering from a congenital heart disease. The baby should undergo an open heart surgery to survive. He hails from a poor family and is unable to afford the treatment. This has put the child's life in danger.

At 10 months, his growth was affected due to his heart condition

When Majarul was just 10 months old, he was diagnosed with this heart condition. His parents noticed that he didn't make any noise and didn't show any growth in the 10th month. His body was always cold.
He was taken to the local hospital and doctors suspected it was a heart disease. Further examinations confirmed this. With the advice of few relatives and neighbours who faced a similar situation, baby Sheik was taken to Apollo Hospital in Bengaluru.

His father is street vendor who barely earns Rs.500

Majarul's father sells clothes in Orissa. He travels from West Bengal to Orissa and sells clothes on the streets. Sometimes he is asked for money to sell his clothes on the pavements.

He earns Rs.200 to Rs.500 a day. He stays in Orissa for a week and returns with whatever money he managed to earn.

They can return to the hospital when they have the funds collected

Majarul's parents can return to the hospital for the surgery only once they have the funds collected.
"We don't have money to stay in a new city. We are waiting for help so my son could get a new life.". says Majarul's mother.

How You can Help

With great difficulty, the family has arranged for Rs. 1 lakh and they need your help in raising the remaining 1 lakh for their son's treatment.
Our support will save this little one's life. Make a contribution and save Majarul.

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6th April 2017

Hello everyone.

Here is an update about Baby Sheik. Since Baby Sheik was going through heart disease he had to undergo open-heart surgery.

ASD device closure was done for Baby Sheik and he was discharged from the hospital post-op day 7. He visited the hospital for his follow ups after 1 month, 3 months and is expected to do a final follow up 6 months post-op. 

He is doing well. Thank you everyone for your amazing support.

- Dr. Bharat Dubey

 Senior Consultant CTV SurgeonApollo Hospitals, Seshadripuram
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I believe that you will be fine,soon..

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Praying for successful surgery

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God Bless you!

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Pray for his quick recovery

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Plz Should reach the need