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Help Twinkle's Baby Undergo An Open Heart Surgery

Twinkle Dhaker is barely 8-month-old and is already struggling to brave death. She is suffering from Cyanotic Congenital Heart Disease with multiple holes in her heart. Three days back, she was operated for her ailment, and now she is on ventilator fighting for survival.
Already going through the pain of seeing their only daughter writhe in agony, Twinkle’s parent, Kanyakumari and Arjun, have the added concern of paying off the hospital dues.

Now that the doctors say that my baby girl is getting better, we are little relaxed. But suddenly, we are reminded of how we still have to pay 8 lakhs to the hospital when we can barely manage to eat. It all goes downhill from there”, said Twinkle’s father, Arjun.

Kanyakumari and Arjun are farmers by profession and are struggling to arrange the funds required for the child's treatment. Twinkle is their first and only child. The couple live with Arjun's father who is bedridden and requires medical attention himself. 
“We have around 5 acres of land. I wouldn’t lie, we were doing fine before our baby’s ordeal began. That little thing is struggling so much right before my eyes and the least I can do to save her is pay her medical bills. But this father is not able to even do that. We make around 1 lakh a year,  then how can we pay 8 lakhs in a week's’ time? “, said Arjun.
The family took a loan of 3 lakhs from the relatives before bringing Twinkle to hospital. Between pharmacies and medical test, however, the funds quickly got over and now the family is finding it difficult to even manage the daily bread.

How can you help?

Arjun and Kanyakumari are trying their best to arrange the funds to pay off their newborn’s medical bills. Your contribution can help the family to take their first 8-month-old child home.
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17th August 2017
Dear All,

We have some unfortunate news to share. We have received information from the hospital that Twinkle passed away. She was diagnosed to have: Complex Cyanotic Congenital Heart Disease: d-Transposition of Great Arteries, Large Subpulmonic VSD, additional apical VSDs, severe Pulmonary Hypertension. The relatives were counselled in details about high risk, prognosis & expenditures involved.

The child underwent successful Open Heart Surgery with Arterial Switch Operation with VSD closure. Post operative echocardiography done in ICU showed Good repair. However, the child's lung pressures did not regress & the relatives expressed their desire to discontinue treatment & took Leave Against Medical Advice.

The funds raised will be utilized for her medical expenses so far and we shall proceed to stop the campaign. Thank you all for the love and support.

-Team Milaap
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Get well soon

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God bless you. I wish you a complete and speedy recovery

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God bless you