55-year-old Grandmother Struggles To Save Her 1-month-old Grandson

“He wouldn’t stop coughing violently. It was so difficult to watch his tiny body writhing in pain, unable to keep up with what was happening to him,” recalls 55-year-old Shyambai.

Shyambai’s 1-month-old grandson is struggling to hold on to life.

“He was unable to breathe, I could hear wheezing sounds from his chest and he couldn’t stop crying. I was so scared I would lose him. We rushed him to the local children’s hospital. He spent three days in the general ward there, but his condition wasn’t getting any better. The hospital finally told us they couldn’t help us anymore and we would have to take him to a bigger one.”

His 22-year-old mother has tears in her eyes as she recalls the night they moved him to Ankura hospital.

“He had a violent seizure. I had no idea about what I could do to help him. My mother-in-law picked him up in her arms and we walked to the hospital in the middle of the night.”

The doctors at Ankura hospital suspect that the baby suffers from a fatal type of pneumonia called Bronchopneumonia, which constricts his airways and causes so much inflammation that it leads to accumulation of fluids. The baby suffers from pertussis, which is a fatal bacterial infection, causing coughing and breathing. The combination has taken such a toll on his little body that the oxygen supply to his brain is dangerously low, causing seizures.

Teja's baby fights for his life on life support

Teja’s baby has been battling for his life since even before his birth. Her husband’s support, both financially and emotionally declined during a very difficult pregnancy, and after their son was born with frail health, he abandoned the family altogether.

“She needed an emergency C-section, and since an anaesthesiologist wasn’t available at the government hospital we went to, they couldn’t operate her. She was in delicate shape, and I didn’t want to risk her or the baby’s health by delaying the surgery. So, I got her admitted into a private nursing home, where the baby was born.

"I work in 6 houses as their house help, and I had to take a loan of Rs. 60,000 from them to be able to pay the nursing home’s bill. I already owe them 2 lakh rupees that I loaned a few years ago when my eldest son, who is now paralysed met with an accident,” says Shyambai.

Shyambai has no help. One of her sons is disabled and needs to be looked after. The other two have abandoned her and their families. At 55, she is the sole breadwinner of the family. She has debt that she has incurred for her children and grandchildren.

We have no house; we live on the streets, setting up tents under bridges. My own health is failing. But none of it matters right now, all I want is for my grandson to survive this ordeal.”

The hospital has estimated a total cost of Rs. 5 lakhs for the baby’s treatment. Help this brave woman save her grandson’s life.
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Estimation Lettter
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6th February 2018
Dear Supporters,

Here is a quick update on Baby Teja.

Currently, he is at home and doing better. He has to visit the hospital for monthly check-ups. Doctors are of the opinion that there are full chances of recovery. Will keep you posted on the progress.

Thank you once again.
26th December 2017
Dear Supporters,
I'm delighted to convey the news of success of your collective efforts. Teja's baby has been discharged from the hospital as he is now healthy and fit to be taken home. The hospital bill, on account of early discharge was settled with your donations.
Shyambai and Teja convey their warmest regards & gratitude to everyone for helping them save the little boy's life. For now, please keep the family in your thoughts.
Once again, we thank you for your help. We hope you'll join hands with us for more patients in the future.

Dr. Niveditha Ravuri
Co-Founder, Caremotto
22nd December 2017
Hi Everyone!
Teja's baby has been making significant progress. His doctors have told us that the baby is starting to breathe on his own again, so they are slowly reducing the external oxygen supply. The child should be fit for discharge soon. However, as the date of discharge gets closer, the urgency of funds increases. Shyambai is extremely distressed about bearing the hospital expenses. Please spread the word so that the goal can be reached as early as possible. Together, we can save his life.

Dr. Niveditha Ravuri,
Co-Founder, Caremotto
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