This Mother Is Distraught Over Saving Her 1-week-old Baby From Death

“I get to see him for one hour daily. He moves very less. He looks like he is trying to open his eyes or move a leg, but can't. Since my wife saw him, she hasn't stopped crying.” Sandeep, baby's father.
Sandeep and Malti were looking forward to having their first child. But when their son was finally born, they enjoyed the happiness for only one day. The baby's hands and legs were turning blue and he looked weak. The next day, Sandeep was running from hospital to hospital for the baby while Malti was still in the hospital recovering.
Sandeep and Malti's baby needs a heart surgery to live

Sandeep's baby has a hole in his heart and needs a surgery

Sandeep's baby has a heart defect that needs to be fixed at the earliest to save him. The oxygen-rich blood in his body keeps going back to his lungs and the impure blood continues to circulate throughout his body. This is why his skin is blue. He will only survive if he gets a surgery.

Malti has stopped eating since she saw her baby

“She was in the hospital for a week recovering from delivery. Her stitches are not even dry – but she insisted she wanted to see the baby. I brought her here, but from when she saw him, she has been crying. I try to convince her to eat, but she refuses. I try to say something to console her – but I don't understand this situation myself. What do I tell her?” – Sandeep

Malti has been inconsolable at her baby's state

Sandeep and Malti's baby's condition is severe. Sandeep and Malti are finding themselves completely unprepared for this emergency. Dreams of parenthood did not prepare them for this. They don't know how they will arrange for this surgery.

Saving his baby from heart disease is only getting harder 

“I don't know what is the right thing to do for the baby. I know that I want to save my child. At the advice of different people, I took him to different hospitals. I've borrowed more than I will ever make. It is still not enough. I haven't slept in days. I don't even have the strength to think anymore. I just don't know anything.”

How you can help

Sandeep runs a small stall in Delhi. He is the sole earning member caring for his parents and two younger siblings who are still studying. He has spent all his savings and is only keeping his baby alive through loans. There is no way he will be able to afford 6.5 Lakhs to save his baby boy right now.

Help this distraught father save his 1-week-old baby from a terrible fate.

Estimation letter
Estimation letter
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29th May 2018
Dear Supporters,

Here is a quick update for you all.

Post operation baby of malti doing fine. Most probably in day or two the baby will be off ventilator.

Please pray for the baby. Thank you for the love and support. 
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