15 days old Baby of Durga needs an open heart surgery to survive.

It has been only 15 days since the little baby Reshma was born and she is already fighting for her life. Even before Durga and Alex could hold their newborn baby girl in their hands she was taken to NICU immediately. She is diagnosed with a heart problem and needs a surgery in a week's time.

Durga was excited when she got pregnant. Her fifth-month scan revealed that baby has heart disease. She and Alex couldn't believe it and wished desperately that it should be false. They got a second opinion from a local doctor in Tirunelveli. This time, reports were normal so they decided to continue with the pregnancy wholeheartedly.

 Durga was hopeful that baby would be fine, on contrary to her hopes and dreams baby was born with a heart problem. She was terrified to see baby Reshma struggling to breathe. She broke down into tears, she thought baby Reshma was dying. She suffered from severe cold too. It was then she heard the terrible news that Baby Reshma has heart disease and a surgery has to be done at the earliest to save her life.

"I can't bear to see my baby suffering, I don't even understand how a surgery can be done to a newborn but doctors say we would lose her without a surgery. She is my world, how can I lose her just because I don't have money?" - Durga

Alex is completely devastated. Alex recollects how excited he was when Durga was pregnant, he had a lot of plans for the future of his baby. Alex and Durga fell in love with each other and got married, they were hopeful that their baby would resolve all the problems at home. Now this happy couple's life had taken a very drastic turn. His parents had come down to look after the baby but he is not in a situation to feel happy about anything. He is fighting all odds to save his baby Reshma.

" I never thought we had to face such a worse situation. I know how it feels for Durga but she is hiding her fears and pain to give me strength. I'm responsible for her happiness and my baby's life. I'm willing to do anything for it." - Alex

Alex and Durga are from Tirunelveli and they had come all the way to Chennai for the treatment. Baby Reshma's condition is better now but she cannot survive for long without a surgery. Alex and Durga are desperately waiting to get the surgery done and take her back home.

How you can help

Alex is a daily wage worker and earns on average Rs 400 per day. He is now paying the rent for his house in Tirunelveli and the one he has taken at Chennai. He is already neck deep in debts and struggling to arrange for the money needed for surgery. Surgery requires Rs 4 lakh which is beyond his means. He has hardly a week's time in hand. Any delay would make the situation more terrible. Only your contributions can save Baby Reshma' life.

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estimate letter
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19th February 2018
Dear Supporters,

Thank you for the wonderful support that you have shown towards my daughter Reshma. She is doing better now and she successfully underwent the surgery on Wednesday, 14th February. She is still in the ICU under observation as per the doctor's advice.

Her respiratory problems have also reduced and the doctors suggest that once her health stabilizes we will be able to take her back home with us. I would like to thank you all for the wonderful love and support that you have shown towards my daughter. She has been able to recover so quickly all due to your blessings. Please do pray for her health and speedy recovery.

Thank you,
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God bless the child

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I'll pray for her speedy recovery. A 15-day old baby girl doesn't deserve this.