His Son Lives With The Fear Of Losing His Father To Kidney Failure

In 2009, while being at work, Babu a worker in a small manufacturing company in India suddenly collapsed and was diagnosed with Kidney Failure. Prior to this, Babu led a completely healthy life. Due to shortage of donors, Babu spent 2 years on dialysis until a third party donor was identified. 

When life sustaining treatment costed him job

A few months into the treatment Babu lost his job. He was found too weak for the job. Constant leave requests for dialysis and rest deemed him unfit. His job was the only source of income for the family of 4. 

Just when the family thought the tough times had ended, fate had other plans

He finally had kidney transplant surgery in March 2011. The sole bread winner of the family was hoping to get back on his feet and take charge of the family. His 12 year old son and his wife were confident that this was an end to spending days in hospital lobbies. 

Unfortunately he was diagnosed with kidney failure once again and advised to begin dialysis. By this time, the medical bills had piled up. There was no way the family could afford this treatment. 

How can you help? 

Babu's road ahead is long, and very expensive. His weight has reduced from 68 Kgs (150 lbs) to 43 Kgs (94lbs) in 10 months. He has pretty much sold all that could be sold. His health condition is deteriorating day by day and the doctor has advised to go for surgery immediately. This time his mother will be the donor and is a match.

Your support will give this family their father and husband back. Babu needs 4 lakhs this kidney transplant. Your contribution will help him undergo this life saving surgery. Please contribute to save Babu

Treatment estimate from hospital
Treatment estimate from hospital
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20th October 2017
It has been a long while without any updates.
I had been holding it off to give some positive news. Unfortunately it has not been a smooth sailing. Babu developed some more complications in between. There was an abnormal accumulation of fluid around the heart negatively impacting the heart. He was in and out of th ICU. He had to go through a couple of other processes to drain the fluid at regular intervals. So they had to hold off the transplant.
They restarted the dialysis again and the good news is that we may finally be on track.
In between, there was an issue with the paper work regarding approvals from the donor.
A couple of friends are at work on it.

Please keep him in your prayers 
24th June 2017
Dear Supporters,
It was a short vacation for me. I met Babu and he asked me to thank you all on his behalf. He has been having some more health issues and the doctors have increased the dialysis from 3 a week to 4. But he has been positive about the entire process and is being strong.
The paperwork has been going a bit slow. Approvals from government offices is a task by itself. My friend Mahesh has been doing a great job coordinating all the activities.
As of now, we expect the expenses to be around  Rs.2,70,000 (~$4200) (plasma X 6 times and dialysis X 12) before the surgery.

Thank you again to all the new contributors. God bless.

Please help out and do spread the word. 
6th June 2017
Dear Supporters,

I am in Coimbatore on vacation this week. It has been great meeting up with old friends. We have managed to get some more funds externally and I have now revised the goal.
The paper work for the donor has just started. Once this is done, we will start on the Plasmapheresis. We are targeting end of June for now.

Thank you all for your support
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