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Tea Seller's 8-Year-Old Daughter Has Only 4 Days Left For Transplant
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 Prishalin's happy days were when she used to accompany her father, pushing the cart and ringing the bell on it, in which her father sells tea and snacks. The day when her father manages to sell everything in the cart, she would sit on it while her father pushes it all the way to their home. But there were also days where nothing is sold and in those times, only Prishalin's innocent stories would bring a smile to her father's face. Despite her liver condition, they lived a very happy and modest life with the hope that she would recover soon. Unfortunately, in a bitter twist of fate, her condition began deteriorating and now she needs a liver transplant in 4 days to survive.  Thomas in a broken voice says, "My wife and I make tons of sweets and snacks every day and fill the cart, and my daughter looks at it longingly and asks us every time if she can taste the sweets, but we stop her from having it. We used to tell her that she can eat everything she likes after she recovers."

Little Prishalin can get a liver transplant with your support and live a normal life.

Prishalin's liver has failed completely

Prishalin was a seemingly healthy child until she turned 4. It was only when she got severe jaundice that her liver disease was diagnosed. But it was in the initial stage then and the doctors said that medicines can cure her, provided she is under a strict diet. Since then, her parents were extremely protective of her and they made sure she never had any oily food. Last month, suddenly, she had a high temperature and was throwing up continuously. Her parents were terrified when her stomach was swollen to the size of a football. The local doctors suggested them to take her to a hospital in Chennai. Throughout the journey, she was crying uncontrollably and she could not bear the pain. Fluid accumulation in her stomach was removed and the pain subsided but the relief was only for a few hours. Poor Prishalin started to cry in pain again and the swelling kept increasing. She feels extremely thirsty but now she throws up even water. Her liver is now completely damaged and transplant is the only option to save her life.

Prishalin with her father

"We never thought her condition would become so critical. We were hopeful that she would recover and followed all the instructions religiously. I can't bear to see her suffering like this. It has been more than a week since she slept well." - Jeyanishanthi.

Baby Prishalin longs to live a normal life 

Despite all the odds, my daughter always got first rank in her class. She is a quick learner and her teachers have always appreciated her. the doctors had told us that she is prone to infections easily, so we have never let her out to play. While her younger sister and her friends play in the street, she sits at home all alone and spends time by drawing her favorite things. We have consoled her that she'll be fine soon and she believed us, but now everything seems to be out of our hands."-  Jeyanishanthi, Mother.

An old pic of Prishalin

Her father is helpless and fears he'll lose his daughter before he can arrange the money

Prishalin's father Thomas is physically and emotionally exhausted. With his meager income, he managed to feed his family and at times he even borrowed money to meet even basic needs. He had to borrow money even to bring his daughter to Chennai. Now the poor parents are staying in their distant relative's house in Chennai and are taking care of their travel and food expense. But they cannot afford the treatment cost. Transplant costs 20 lakhs which is beyond his means.

"She has only 4 days left and I don't have a rupee in my hand.  I have exhausted all that I have borrowed. Now I don't  know whom to ask. I can't imagine losing her. My daughter has always trusted me, she was looking forward to living a normal life like other children. I can't forgive myself if I fail to save her."

How You Can Help

8-year-old  Prishalin is battling a severe liver disease and needs an urgent transplant in 4 days. Her mother is a matching donor but her poor parents cannot afford the life saving transplant. They do not have anything left with them and are desperately waiting for help. This little girl can live a normal life with your help.

Your contribution can save 8-year-old Prishalin's life

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