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I Can't Eat Like You With Hands - Aswanth

Dear Generous Donors and Supporters,
             Here is a medical need for an 8-year-old boy Aswanth suffering and experiencing a daily-hell from a rare disease called "Apert Syndrome" which attacks 1 in 10 lakh people. He can't eat food with his hands and can't wear slippers or shoe how we wear.
AswanthJammed hand fingers of Aswanth
Jammed leg fingers of Aswanth
Unfortunately, it attacked Aswanth, the first child of Sammaiah and Ramadevi from Palakurthi village, Ramagundam Mandal, Karimnagar District of Telangana state.

Sammaiah is a lorry cleaner, and Ramadevi is a homemaker. They were unable to identify the disease at the early stage as they were uneducated. As you all know, their earning capacity is not sufficient to feed the family consisting of Aswanth and his two sisters (Twins —Harshini & Harshitha), this medical treatment became a heavy burden for them.

They feel very happy after giving birth to Aswanth as he is the first child and heir of their family, and who can take care of them in future when he has grown up. They dreamed a lot about him and his future. But, their happiness didn't last for long as this disease attacked their child. They spent all the money which they save it for their children’s future. They sold their ornaments and property whatever that they have to provide good treatment and make him a normal child.
Aswanth under treatment
Facial changes of Aswanth
Aswanth with his sisters(Twins)
Since two years, they spent lakhs of money on medicine, medical reports, and diagnosis methods by roaming around hospitals in Peddapally, Karimnagar, and Hyderabad. Now, Aswanth is at Karimnagar government hospital under the supervision of Dr. Ajay Kumar (Paediatrician). After few weeks of observation, Dr. Ajay Kumar referred him to NIMS Hospital Hyderabad. The doctors informed the parents that the estimated treatment cost would be approximately 10 lakh rupees, and initially, they should have 5 lakh rupees to start the treatment process which includes neuro & plastic surgery procedures. With this treatment, doctors can correct the present situation of Aswanth to a better situation with which he can walk properly, eat and go to school as other normal children do.
They shocked and worried a lot, can't do anything for their child and returned home. They are badly in need of money for treatment and awaiting help from generous donors. They are trying to get some help from Government and voluntary donors, but no use.

So, dear all generous donors, please help this poor child Aswanth and let him lead his normal life as other children do. Please donate whatever small or big amount you feel free and can do. Let’s us lit a light in his life and hope for his good future. Remember, your contribution will help him overcome this deadly disease “Apert” and means a lot to him!
History & Investigation
History & Investigation
History & Investigation
History & Investigation
History & Investigation
History & Investigation
NIMS Hyderabad Admission
NIMS Hyderabad Admission
History & Investigation
History & Investigation
Treatment cost estimation letter
Treatment cost estimation letter
Lab Report
Lab Report
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24th March 2018
Dear Suppporters,

Thank you so much for your support. Here is an update on Aswanth's health condition after six months of medication and a few surgeries. We can see minor facial changes
and a change in skull structure. Today he admitted at Yashoda hospitals and under gone a few tests for reconstructive surgery. Doctors are confident enough to say that his present condition is in favour of the reconstructive surgery. But, unfortunately we do not have enough funds to proceed further. Contacted a few few charitable trusts for their finacial aid, but no use. A few of my friends came forward and with their help I have to raise the remaining fund for further treatment.

I humbly request,you to please share this campaign within your network to help us.

Thank you for your wonderful love and support.

Rajesh R M
23rd October 2017
Dear Patrons,

Thanks for your wonderful support! Here is an update about Aswants's health condition.

On 17th October, he got discharged from the hospital. He extended his stay in the hospital for one more week than the expected due to abnormalities observed after the surgery. It's almost all three weeks he stayed at the hospital.

Now, his condition is stable and he is slowly recovering. Doctors referred him to Yashoda Hospitals for further care about his health and the further treatment to be taken.

If his health condition supports, they may go for further treatment regarding plastic surgery that is reconstructive surgery. We are planning to take him to Indore, Madyapradesh as one of our well-wisher suggested the best doctor in plastic and reconstructive surgery. This is the plan as of now. We will keep posting about his health.


_Rajech R M
27th September 2017
Hi Patrons,

Here is an update regarding Aswanth's health condition. He has undergone a neurosurgery on 21st of this month and the surgery was successful. But, he is suffering from some side effects; he is in ICU now under the observation of the doctors and will be for up to next week.

As per the doctor's suggestion, he should undergo one more neurosurgery and after that a few corrective plastic surgeries. I couldn't upload the snaps of Aswanth as he is in ICU, and the hospital people did not allow to do so. We will do that when he is shifted to general ward. We will keep on posting updates regarding his health condition.

Thank you very much for all your prayers and wishes towards Aswanth's health recovery. We really appreciate your great support!!!

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