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Gramdoot Fellowship: Citizenship Education and Training Programme

I come from a village where there isn't a single adult girl who hasn't had sex- not exactly rape, dynamics are such that they have to. Police can come and take you whenever wherever they wish and do to you whatever they want. People don't even question that. Last year a guy from backward community fought a gram-panchayat election in my neighboring village and won it against an upper caste incumbent person. within a few days, he was killed by those people when he was coming back from the market in the late evening. Sadly, this isn't an unusual story-it all keeps happening.  

Government is spending a whole lot of public money every year to drive anti-poverty programmes like MGNREGA and PDS. We have institutes like LBSNAA and IIPA to train our bureaucrats who are supposed to implement government policies but we never bother about enabling citizens to become an agent and not merely a beneficiary in the development agenda. There exists a wide void between India and Bharat. Millions of people don't find a place on the development map of India. The 21st century is yet to reach rural India and there persist massive information and awareness gap. Democracy is all about peoples' participation and there is a strong need that they contribute as active participants in the decision making pertaining to their communities taking charge of their lives.

Through this initiative, I aim to build stronger communities and a robust nation by empowering masses through 'Citizenship Education' backed by critical thinking. The curriculum will broadly revolve around the basic functioning of government, politics, law, and economy and critical thinking. This initiative aims to strengthen participatory democracy in India by a high-quality citizenship education to the masses. Civics education that we have in schools teaches us to obey state but Citizenship Education and critical thinking skills will help us have a strong sense of right and wrong. Our allegiance and obedience towards our state shouldn't stop us from asking for fairer rules and better opportunities.

Change Approach- A year-long Gramdoot fellowship program

A team of 2 fresh graduates, typically 1 from premier institutions outside the community and 1 from within the community will be matched with a Gram Panchayat in rural regions. These 2 Gramdoots will work directly with the youth (15 to 29) to impart high-quality citizenship curriculum that focuses upon citizenship education. We are partnering with few top-notch institutions to deliver a high-quality curriculum. Experts and Leaders such as Pramath Raj Sinha, Dr. S Y Quraishi, Jairam Ramesh etc. are expected to mentor the initiative. 

We aim to have 20 Gramdoots in the pilot year to be working with 10 different Panchayat communities in the first phase.

Indicative 12 months fellowship plan:
  • Gramdoots on board – By July 1
  • Gramdoot’s orientation and an intensive 3-week training before the start of their projects (July)
  •  They work with the Youth engaging with schools, colleges, and Gram Panchayat for around 8-9 months.
  • Youth trained by Gramdoots will take-up field-work collectively on any of the pressing issues concerning to the community – to be facilitated and supervised by the Gramdoots to be completed before the 12 months tenure of the Gramdoot ends.
  • All Gramdoots will meet once every quarter for knowledge sharing and peer review and forge a mutual support system for each other.
  • During their fieldwork after 3-week training, they will be personally guided, supported and mentored by a Govt. public official. we have 20 IAS and PCS rank officers on board to offer mentoring support to Gramdoots. They will be especially instrumental in the successful completion of collective projects that are to be done in the last months of Gramdoot’s tenure.

Experiential Citizenship Module
Community youth will collectively undertake short-term field-work on any of the pressing issues in their communities. Youth will be expected to act as disruptors, instigators and opinion shapers in their communities tackling people’s problems with the help of people in power by using active citizenship skills. Each project will be under close observation of an IAS or PCS rank public official who will ensure a successful completion of the project by guiding Gramdoots.

Indicative Financial Plan:

Cost (in Rupees)Remarks
No. of Finalists20                                       

Publicity and Branding
                                  1,00000Public meetings, media, and communications,
                                  1,50000Presentations etc.
                                  2,000003 centers, includes venue related costs & interviewee’s travel cost   
Website and related expenses
Curriculum research
 Orientation and Training-

No. of days20                                          
Transportation   300060,000both arrival and return
Food 20080,000All meals for 20 days
Accommodation5002,00000All 20 days
Venue costs20,0004,00000
Guests NCR pick-up200080,000
Sightseeing and external meetings
Stipend and related costs14,0001,40000
Professional development25,0005,00000
Mentorship, coaching, and counseling- Lifetime

Experiential Citizenship Module  5,00050,000

Other program costs:
A high-quality curriculum will be designed by an external agency- Rs 2,80,000
Stipends of 2 program implementors for around 15 months: Rs 4,80,000  (Rs 16,000 per month)

Total cost will be Rs 30 Lakhs; Rs 1.5 Lakhs per Gramdoot (Total 20 Gramdoots in the first cohort).

सिर्फ हंगामा खड़ा करना मेरा मकसद नहीं,
सारी कोशिश है कि ये सूरत बदलनी चाहिए।
मेरे सीने में नहीं तो तेरे सीने में सही,
हो कहीं भी आग, लेकिन आग जलनी चाहिए

Please contribute to the making of the next big thing in the development sector that will lead to an evolved democracy and an informed and educated citizenry. I have left my Job and higher studies to fully commit myself to the cause knowing that it's completely worth it.

Please contribute whatever you can and share this with others, I, personally stand guarantee to the end use of your every single penny.

Satyamev Jayte,
Anoop Maurya

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