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Help 103 Tribal Children to get Better Education
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Anjalu L.P. School

School U-Dise: 18110232801Anjalu, Hugrajuli, Sonitpur, Assam, India: 784507

About the Campaign
Providing quality education in the rural areas is extremely challenging. But what makes it challenging? Well, it is the geographical backwardness and connectivity, social system and the attitude of the authority towards those areas makes more challenging. Moreover, there are other pressing issues like lack of physical infrastructures in the school, lack of resources and lack of teacher in schools hinder in providing quality education in the rural area. The Right to Education Act, 2009 of government of India makes the education “Compulsory” for the children but it does not guarantee the “Quality”. There are four most important poles for attaining quality education in the primary education viz. 1. State of Art Physical infrastructure, 2. Trained Teachers (according to the teacher student ratio), 3. Proper Teaching Learning Materials and 4. Community participation.
Children from rural areas are always deprived from the basic rights. Access to the quality education for the rural children is always far cry. Deprivation of quality education is also seen in this area. This is a campaigning to improve the physical infrastructure of Anjalu LP School, an aim for providing quality education to the unprivileged tribal children.

About the area
This large group of people is indigenous tribal. Total of 657 people are there, making 127 families. The entire locality is isolated from mainland because of its geographical condition and the lack of connectivity. People depend on forest resources and a few depend on agriculture. The income source of the people is so meager and very limited and economically downtrodden. The technology era, 21st century is yet touch this area where there is no electricity connectivity, healthcare and anything that supports the human living.
The people of this area are illiterate and there were no any educational institutions or no any means for education for these people. So, education remained dream for this village people. Even though the people of this locality are illiterate, they felt the need of education for their children and started thinking about the future of their kids. But how that need can be fulfilled, they couldn't figure out. It was only in the year of 2002 the villagers called a meeting, including the adjacent villages and discuss about the construction of a school in the village. After many rounds of discussion the village took a resolution to build a school in their village. They did not have any fund to build a concrete building so they collected bamboo, wood and straw from the hills and build a thatched house. The villager named this school as Anjalu Godi Foraisali (Anjalu Lower Primary School). The construction of the school was over and the main concern was finding out a teacher for the school. The villager again gathered in the village temple and discussed about the appointment of a teacher in the newly established school. Finding out a qualified person who can teach in the school was very difficult for the villagers. It took another three months to find out the teacher for the newly established school. They have consulted nearby villages about the educated person to teach in the school. Finally they could find out a person. The villagers walked 4 kilometers to meet the person. They explained about the establishment of new school in their village and requested the person to teach in the same school. The person couldn't turn down their proposal and accepted their proposal to teach in the school.

About the School
The school is located in the Sonitpur district of Assam on the hillside of mighty Himalaya Mountain ranges. It is situated just few meters away from the Arunachal Pradesh State boundary and a few kilometers far away from the international boundary Bhutan. The school is 76 kms far away from the district headquarter Tezpur and 165 kms away from the state capital Dispur. The school is maintained by govt. of India and the state govt. of Assam jointly. Even though the school is maintain by the government the quality of the school is far below the minimum standard level. The school has one building of two classrooms, an unusable toilet and a kitchen shed for Mid Day Meal, 10 pairs of desk-benches where only 4th and 5th standard can sit. This is the present condition of the school. Unlike other schools, this school has nothing sorts of teaching learning materials except the class books provided by the government. The two classrooms cannot accommodate the one hundred students and that is impossible teach the students keeping all the standards in the same room.
Enrolment: Academic Year-2018

Make your contribution:
This fundraising campaigning is an effort to develop the physical infrastructure of our school where the student will have the better academic ambience and access to the modern equipments of learning. Your contribution will help our student to have better academic life. Be a part of the Mission to Educate hundreds of children. Kindly make your contribution and donate for our students.
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About the campaigner
I am Lirdang Baro, an enthusiastic youth worker. I work to bring positive change in the life of young people. I too believe that “education is the most powerful weapon which we can use to change the people's life and the world”. As a teacher I focus on honing the minds and creating platforms for the young people to exercise their skills.
To encapsulate my professional history, I am working as teacher. I had worked in a non-profit organization called Towards Youth Foundation in Chennai, Tamil Nadu.  I also worked in a multi-national company in the aforesaid state.  I left the well-paid jobs last year and choose to work in rural Assam to improve the quality of life.
I hold a master’s degree in Youth Empowerment from Rajiv Gandhi National Institute of Youth Development, (RGNIYD) Sriperumbudur, Tamil Nadu.

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