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ACT started a campaign for stray Animals -Angel's Fund. Angel is a rescued baby ,at a time of rescue she was 45 days old and now she is 8 months old. She had met with an accident when a reckless auto driver ran over her thereby inflicting injuries that required a total of 36 stitches. We rushed her to various hospitals but were told that her total treatment would require more than Rs. 5000 + additional costs for post operative care. We pooled our own money and took some loans ( as it was a month end, and most of the salaried people know what gernerally happens on month ends when you are waiting for your next salary ), and , with great efforts, got this little girl treated. With proper care she has recovered now and is a bundle of joy while being extremely naughty. 
After this incident, we realized that we can do our bit in rescuing and rehabilitating such animals in need whom no one gives even a second look forget about treatment. We have a total of 25 grown up animals and 15 puppies in our care. We have faced numerous problems from neighbors and society around, due to which we had to relocate twice. Still, we continue to do whatever we can and although we get some appreciation from a few people but that does not always turns into a helping hand for these lovely animals. Now, that their number has reached close to 50 and counting as we still conduct rescues 24/7 - we thought we should reach out to genuine animal lovers who can take an initiative and help us in taking care of these lovely creatures - whether its in the form of medicine, food or donations which help us in providing them with various things like toys, snacks, sand ( for litter) and many other expenses that crop up, will be highly appreciated. We take up monthly Vaccination & sterilization drives as well for the strays in hyderabad and secunderabad. We also have a program for placing water bowls for stray animals all over the twin cities. We conduct bi-monthly adoption drives for stray puppies as well.
A part of the funds we collect will be saved up for setting up a proper shelter / rehabilitation home for stray animals with proper medical and other facilities which will be provided free to people.
We call it Angel's fund firstly, becoz its an angel's job to look out for the many creations of God. Secondly, becoz our first documented rescue ( Angel ) has taken over to be the mother of the puppies we have in our care. She watches over them and treats them like her own children - which we think is also a reason that she teaches them all the naughty things she does herself.
Its a request to all animal lovers to kindly donate in whichever way they can so we can take better care of the lovelies we have already and to enable us to take care of other animals as well.
 Brief of expenses:
 For our rescue / vaccination / sterilization activities, our monthly expenditure is close to Rs. 50,000
Rescue of injured animals / Vaccination drives - Rs. 30,000 (includes transportation costs )
Sterilization - between Rs. 15,000 to Rs. 20,000 depending on how many animals we can capture and sterilize monthly.
Upkeep of our temporary shelter + food for the animals - Rs. 30,000 monthly. This does not include the payment for specialized staff / services that is hired on a as and when required basis eg. specialized medical equipment, trainers for behavior control, rehabilitation equipment for paralyzed animals etc.
Our 1st goal is to get a vehicle ( even a used vehicle if not brand new ) to travel to various rescue sites and also to bring back the injured or sick animals to our temporary shelter or take to a specialized clinic whenever required. Thus, saving on transport costs. TATA Ace or similar transport vehicles are what we are looking at.
Our second main goal is to setup a permanent shelter on at least 1 acre of land, so that we can accommodate more animals and have different zones for housing and play area specially for different species that have some trouble staying together eg. cats dogs, pigs, ponies etc. Due to these limitations we are forced to pay for keeping these animals in various private animal facilities. Govt. facilities are not always the first choice as they are notorious disease hotspots so we try to find kennels or any other facility for them. Getting a place for a commercial venture is very easy but getting a place for animal shelter is difficult as most of the landlords dont look on such activities positively. So we want to purchase the land in the organizations name or get a long term lease at least.We have already shortlisted a few places on the city's outskirts and depending on the resources we can generate we will make the final call.
Specialized equipment like surgical equipment and machinery, imaging equipment like x-ray, MRI scanners are also on our list of things to get for the shelter.
That is why we need as much support as possible to help us make better the lives of animals in need.

for further clarification please write to us : animalcaretakers9@gmail.com ,WhatsApp:9640334400,Call:9160650089.Thanks in Advance for your prayers and support.Regards
Team ACT
Animal Care Takers
Medicines and Food for Shelter Animal.This amount is utilized
Medicines and Food for Shelter Animal.This amount is utilized
services provided
services provided
sterilization of dogs
sterilization of dogs
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26th July 2018
Another Birth Control surgery done on a female dog from Kondapur area. This girl is 6 years old and weighs a solid 33kgs. She is part of the group of strays that is fed and looked after by one of our members ( Ranjita Reddy ). Now she is in post op care and will be fit enough to be released back on the streets in a day or 2.
19th July 2018
The fund raised through milap is to pay the dues of  medicine and food for the stray animals who stays in the temporary shelter and We have acquired half acre land about 20km from city. The documentation is done. Now we have to start construction of the shelter. Our immediate requirement is 2 lakh rupees which we are trying to raise through various channels. I request  to contribute as much as they can and forward to people they know to come forward for this noble cause. We can plan a site visit for people who want to donate so they know what they are contributing for. Once set up ours will be one of the best kept shelter/rehab centre for all animals in Hyderabad.
The copy of the bills of medicine and food for dogs is attached for reference and also some of the photogrpahs of benificaries

10th June 2018
Dear Supporters,

Thank you for your love and support.

Strelization : On 9/06/2018 after a brief gap we restarted our sterilization activities and hope to complete atleast 30 sterilizations a month. We do this to ensure a drop in puppy mortality rate due to accidents / diseases / starvation and forms of cruelty. This also helps negate a standoff between animal lovers and non-animal lovers in their respective localities. This is dollar and she is under observation right now post operation.

Grooming and Vaccination:
on 9th June 2018 we came across a pom who was abandoned by its owners after 10 years, as they were having issues keeping it. They just dumped it outside their apartment overnite. Due to this, he has stopped trusting humans and has become extremely ferocious. A very kind couple ( mr. Santosh and mrs. preeti ) from the same apartment have tried to give it comfort / food and other care and are hoping to adopt it. Due to the inhuman behavior meted out to the poor creature by some other members of the locality the dog was not letting anyone come nearby and was just hiding throughout the day under cars etc. and comes out only when the kind couple feed it. As the dog was not letting anyone come nearby,its reclusive nature and also age, its overall health and condition was not well. After repeated attempts to contact other animal welfare agencies, ACT was contacted. We reached the location, and after a lot of attempts we somehow caught it, gave it a bath, a haircut ( inspite of repeated biting attempts ) and groomed it best we could. We also vaccinated it and advised the couple on how to build a bond with him. So that he can be adopted and made comfortable to stay with them inside their home. We will go again next month to check on his health and a booster vaccination dose. Lets hope he can trust humans again and live a comfortable life in a loving home. All the best Mr. & Mrs Santosh / Preeti and thanks a lot for taking care of this guy. We need more people like you in this world.
This accident victim was rescued on 7/06/2018 by the ACT team with mr. Avinash Swing from Kukatpally area in Hyderabad. The wound was infected so on spot first aid was given and he was taken for surgery.

Adoption:9-June-2018With the kind support of Mr. Anand of Happy Dog Kennel and Training Institute, @ Gachibowli, we got another puppy adopted yesterday. This guy was part of a litter of seven puppies we had rescued from West Marredpally area of Secunderabad. It has six more brothers and sisters waiting to be adopted. They are a cross of Beagle and an Indie.Contact us on 9160650089 if anyone is interested in adopting them.

Adoption:Adoption of a rescued puppy facilitated at rajendranagar today 08-06-2018

Animal Care Takers Act
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