24 Hour Free Animal Ambulance Services

Most accident cases with regards to animals happen due to rash driving, drinking and driving, or inhumane acts of abuse. At Bodhisattva we take in all cases of animals that require medical treatment or rescuing from any part of the city.

For the sole purpose of effective and immediate rescues, transportation is of utmost importance. We will be able to provide a sick or injured animal with immediate medical care and/or transfer them to a medical facility for specialized treatment and care. 

Bodhisattva Ngo currently run a 24 hour Animal Ambulance Service. To be able to continue running this service for street animals, we need monthly support for the following:
1. Dog catcher Salary =15k
2. Petrol Expenses =20k 
3.Driver Salary=15k
 Total =50k Per Month
We need support for 1 Year which comes upto 6,00000 Lakhs

Your donations will help us saves lives and reduce their suffering.
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21st December 2016
Dear Supporters,

This dog was reported sick and vomiting for 3 days non-stop .We rushed her to the doctor and he informed us that it could be due to dehydration or other such issues.  The next day we took her blood test and found that her liver was damaged as well. We continued with the daily treatments for the next few days and found her a foster home to rest at. Unfortunately we were not able to save her and she passed away but we were able to reduce her suffering and comfort her in her last days. Thank you for playing a part in this noble cause! 

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Meet donated Rs.500
over 1 year ago

Its a small amount but this is considering a few personal financial constraints. Hope the same proves helpful and you guys achieve the goal. I would love to be of some help in other voluntary ways as well. Do feel free to contact me in case you guys require any help from my end.

Shweta donated Rs.2,500
over 1 year ago

All the best with your campaign 😊👍! Hope to see more ambulances for animals in the city soon.

Shweta donated Rs.1,500
over 1 year ago
Arti donated Rs.1,500
over 1 year ago

All the best for this wonderful initiative!

Alnoor donated Rs.2,500
over 1 year ago
Anonymous donated Rs.2,500
over 1 year ago