He Is Desperately Clinging To Life And Cannot Afford The Cure

Amanul Rahman is a 7 year old boy diagnosed with Thalassemia major at 9 months of age. Children suffering fom this condition are unable to produce red blood cells effectively and become severely anemic. Since infancy he has been on regular blood transfusions for managing this condition.His requirement for blood transfusion is increasing over time and he has developed complications like stunted growth, hormonal issues due to his condition. Major organs like his heart ,liver ,pancreas are iron overloaded due to frequent blood transfusions.He has to spend a lot of time in hospital for managing these issues, when he should be at school studying and playing like other children.

Only way to cure him completely and get him to a normal life is to do bone marrow transplantation by which he will be given normal stem cells from a healthy donor, which will start producing enough blood in his marrow. Fortunately for him , his younger brother is a full match and can donate his stem cells.The only hurdle for his transplant is the cost of the procedure. He is from a poor socio-economic background and treatment so far has been partly funded by various charities and from whatever his parents can spare from their meagre income. He needs to do the transplant at the earliest before he develops other major complications which may make this procedure difficult.
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Estimation letter
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30th April 2018
Dear Supporters,

Thank you for your tremendous support.

It gives me immense pleasure that eight year old Master Amanul Rahman is 269 days post matched sibling allogenic stem cell transplant for Thalassemia Major. He is presently not on immunosuppressive therapy and has no features of GVHD as of last OP visit.

Although he is required to continue follow up on a monthly basis and is being planned to be started on post transplant vaccination. He is also required to continue iron chelation therapy.

Please keep praying for his speedy recovery.

16th May 2017
Dear All,

Amanul has been getting weaker and is almost always in the hospital. His doctors have been working on reducing the iron level in his blood at least 4 times a week. He hardly gets 2 days break to recover from this weekly ordeal. He needs blood transfusions twice a month to keep him alive.

Although his 2-year-old brother has been found as a perfect HLA-match for bone marrow transplant, financial difficulties are stalling his cure. With your help, Amanul’s parents will be able to schedule his surgery by July 1st week and save their son.

A generous donor has agreed to match every contribution you make by 50% to reach the target quickly and help Amanul get his treatment. Please support.

- Best
Team Milaap
27th April 2017
Dear supporters,

Amanul is now getting pre-transplant work up and continuing supportive care including Chelation Therapy and Blood Transfusions and has been supported by our hospital. Planned for transplantation in the month of June 2017.

We are thankful for your contributions and request you to share the campaign within your network to help reach the target.

Binoy Balan
Programme Coordinator
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