An Accident Almost Took My Brother’s Life Away. Help Me Save Him

If you knew Akbar Ali, you would agree that he is a kind, friendly and decent man, who lives up to his name (Akbar means ‘great’). And that he loves animals, especially cats. But what you would find striking about him would be his commitment to his family. He is a responsible son and a loving brother. My name is Arjuman, and as his sister, I can see the affection in his eyes even now – when he is battling for his life in the ICU and cannot speak a word.

The day our lives took a turn for the worst
I remember the night very clearly. I had just uploaded his profile on a matrimonial website to look for potential matches. Akbar was very happy. Mom, dad, I - we were all very happy. Right after dinner, Akbar said he had to go out to get his bike checked. We thought nothing of it – he would always return home early, no matter what. But only that day he didn’t.

Minutes later, we got a phone call informing us that he had been in an accident and that things looked bad. His bike had crashed on the metal barricades and he had gone sliding across the footpath, grievously injuring himself. I remember a mixed feeling of chaos and grief taking over me when I learnt what happened to him. Mom and Dad were too shocked to say anything. But it was just the beginning.

When we saw him, he was bleeding from everywhere. At that point, we were not sure if he would survive. We took him from hospital to hospital, trying to get him admitted. We were refused admission in many hospitals because they thought it was too serious a case for them to take up. Finally, he was admitted at Apollo Hospital, Bangalore, where he has been for the last 50 days.
Akbar needs constant supervision or he will not survive
He has been operated on for four times already. There was a swelling in his brain and they had to remove a part of his skull to lessen the pressure. He even survived a major brain stroke. I have seen him evolve from a near-vegetative state (when he was in a coma for the first two weeks) to a point where he can understand what we are telling him. But his problems have not gone away fully – he is not fully conscious. He cannot swallow food on his own, and the risk of blood clots forming in his windpipe can potentially choke him. As much as it pains us, he needs constant care that we cannot afford anymore.

He is helpless and so are we
The doctors have instructed us to keep talking to him; they say that will bring him back to life. So that’s what we do now – pretend to be happy- so that our Akbar comes back to us.

"I bring my 2 year-old son to the hospital every day because my brother really loved him. But my son gets scared when he sees his beloved uncle covered in tubes. And I can sense that Akbar gets upset when his nephew backs away from him. My parents are devastated and completely broken from the inside, but we manage to keep a smiling façade on. For our Akbar, for him to be all right."

How you can help
Akbar needs to be in the hospital for one more month and needs two more major surgeries. After that, he needs medical care at home, which includes hiring private nurses for him. My parents and I have spent nearly Rs 14 lakh on his medical expenses alone. We already spent all the money that we had saved for his wedding. My dad is now selling off things at home to pool money – precious things he had collected for over 45 years. Our house is mortgaged. Our finances are dipping but we want to save Akbar at any cost. He is the light of our lives, even in this darkness. Please help us save him.
Clinical Summary By Dr. Arun Naik, Chief Neuro Surgeon at Apollo - 2
Clinical Summary By Dr. Arun Naik, Chief Neuro Surgeon at Apollo - 2
Case Verified By Pray Trust Foundation
Case Verified By Pray Trust Foundation
Clinical Summary By Dr. Arun Naik, Chief Neuro Surgeon at Apollo - 1
Clinical Summary By Dr. Arun Naik, Chief Neuro Surgeon at Apollo - 1
Running monthly treatment expenses exceed Rs. 8 lacs. 6 months to go!
Running monthly treatment expenses exceed Rs. 8 lacs. 6 months to go!
Ask for an update
10th August 2018
Dear Supporters,

Thank you so much for the wonderful support you have shown towards Akbar's health.

Currently, we are staying at a hotel nearby the hospital so that we are in the close vicinity of the hospital. He has responded well to the treatment and we are glad to see the speed at which he has recovered from last few days.

However, his left side of the body - left eye and left, is still paralysed. Also, in the last two weeks he faced seizures for which doctors have prescribed high-dosage medication.

He will have to undergo the rehabilitation procedure for the coming weeks. Doctors are of the opinion that there are good chances of recovery as his health has improvised from last couple of days.

Please pray for his health and speedy recovery. Thank you once again.
Arjuman Amjad 
27th July 2018
Withdrawing as and when I am receiving funds from Milaap to complete last week payment.

Akbar Ali's rehab is going great. Left hand and legs are being worked upon with various activities. Thanks for being there!
18th July 2018
Dear Supporters,

I am glad to inform you that Akbar Ali sounds normal when he talks and expresses himself. His stomach pipe has also been removed. Every week he reaches a new milestone which keeps us going!

However whenever he wakes up, he appears to be confused for sometime and cries due to left arm pain. Over the last week, he had one more episode of seizure and took 2 full days to recover. His left side continues to be very weak, including his eye and today we learnt that he has extra bone growth on his left elbow. This has happened due to formation of calcium as he has not been able to move his arm over the last 23 weeks.

To continue my brother's life threatening seizure treatment and strengthen brain signals to the weaker side of his body, Dr. Maheswarappa (HOD, Physical Medicine and Neuro Rehabilitation at Sakra World Hospital) says he needs to stay for another 3-4 months for maximum recovery (Letter attached in the end)

Along with your prayers and support, we will do whatever it takes to make Akbar Ali as normal as possible with Almighty's grace. He is also putting all his efforts and doing his best to get back! - to home, to work, to inspire and to a brand new life that awaits him outside hospitals.

If you know anyone who is looking for a flat in Bangalore, kindly message me on whatsapp at 91 - 8050805060 as we are looking at selling our home for Akbar Ali's continued treatment. The expenses seem never ending. Attached is the HOD's advice and estimated cost at Sakra World Hospital.

We wish to be back home before 2018 ends......
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